The 2021 Daycruiser 144 Sprinter RV Camper Van for $172,500

  • Midwest Automotive Design built the 2021 Daycruiser 144, a luxury Sprinter RV camper with its own separate bathroom.
  • The van starts at $172,495, but this price can increase by several thousands of dollars depending on extra luxury add-ons, such as a television on the bathroom door.
  • At its base price, a toilet, refrigerator, microwave, sofa foldout bed, and several interior seats come standard.
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Midwest Automotive Design built the 2021 Daycruiser 144, a Sprinter camper RV with luxurious interior amenities.

The RV and camper van conversion company, which has been around for over 16 years, specializes in luxury vans — whether it be offices on wheels or Sprinter limos — and Class B RVs built on Promasters and Sprinters.

The latter includes the Daycruiser 144, which sits on a 19-foot long Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

The van’s 24-foot long interior provides room for the team’s “less can sometimes be more” design, according to its website. Despite this minimalist approach, the interior of the tiny home is lined with leather furniture, wood accents, and plenty of luxury appliances that often aren’t found standard in other camper RVs, such as television screens and a separate bathroom.

However, these extra details are reflected in its price: the Daycruiser 144 starts at $172,495, a high number compared to other camper van conversions.

This price can then go up exponentially depending on extra add-ons. In line with this theme of luxury, several interior upgrades can be added onto the van ranging anywhere between $595 for a rear radio or Apple TV, to $10,500 for an air conditioning unit and generator package. The exterior color can also be optimized to fit the client’s needs, including custom color and finish for upwards of $12,000.

Several interior design components of the camper, however, are customizable at no extra charge, including the colors of the interior wall, seating, wood, and stitching.

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