Roller Shutter- The Best Way To Protect Your Premise

Roller Shutter- The Best Way To Protect Your Premise

It’s no secret that roller shutters have become necessary equipment on any premise. They are used to protect our buildings from bad weather and for security purposes. In addition, bifold doors and grilles keep our doors and the whole facility safe.

Types of roller shutter systems: 

To date, there are several varieties of roller shutter systems:

  1. roller shutters for windows, doors, and glass roofs
  2. rolling gates
  3. roller grilles 

Roller shutters are installed on windows, doors, and glass roofs. Recently, roller shutters to protect winter gardens have been gaining popularity.

Rolling shutters are suitable for such objects as private garages, shopping centres, shopping and entertainment complexes, industrial and warehouse premises. Grilles are roller shutters with several holes to improve their appearance. Roller grilles are the ideal solution for shops and boutiques, shopping centres and pavilions, offices and banks, cafes and restaurants, underground garages, and parking lots.

The usefulness of Roller shutters: 

  • Protection against burglary and prying eyes:

In the lowered state, roller shutters perform a protective function, ensuring the safety of property and the integrity of windows and doors, and also do not allow prying eyes to disturb the atmosphere of home comfort.

  • Weather protection:

At any time of the year, roller shutters contribute to maintaining an optimal microclimate in the room and allow you to control the level of sunlight.

  • Noise and dust protection:

Roller shutter systems significantly reduce the level of extraneous noise in the room and act as a kind of filter, preventing sand and dust from penetrating through the windows, thanks to the use of profiles with soundproof foam filler.

  • Energy saving:

As a result of keeping the premises warm in winter and cool in summer, roller shutters can significantly save energy through the rational use of air conditioners and heaters.

  • Comfort and convenience:

Modern solutions in the field of roller shutter systems allow the use of automatic control elements, which makes the use of roller shutters even more convenient.

  • Safety:

Roller shutter systems are absolutely safe for human life and health. Even in emergencies, roller shutters quickly open inside, allowing unimpeded evacuation of people and property.

  • Aesthetics:

A variety of color schemes makes roller shutters an essential decorative element of the facade. Various versions of the protective box allow you to make them “invisible,” fully preserving the unique architectural design.

It’s indeed true that bifold doors and grilles are a sure way to make your building look fantastic. Besides, your whole property will be safe and secure. 


Massive cast-iron or iron bars on windows and doors, customary since Soviet times, have become obsolete, and wooden or steel shutters have long become part of history. Instead, more and more consumers prefer representative, light, and aesthetic roller shutter systems, which provide several undeniable advantages.

Unpretentious in operation, roller shutters practically do not require preventive maintenance and rarely need repair. They are practical, simple, safe, and durable. And a wide range of accessories brings even more convenience to the use of this mechanism. On the other hand, bifold doors and grilles do wonders to ensure you have a great door that is unbreakable.