Popular Home Decor Styles

When it comes to home design styles, there is a myriad of choices available. You need to decide which type you like the most. Perhaps if you want to recreate a bygone era in your home, you must look for quality historically inspired beds. Alternatively, suppose you are looking to recreate a postmodern style. In that case, you must search for all sorts of décor and furnishing items that go with that style. So let’s check out a few of the most popular home décor styles available: 

Traditional style- perhaps one of the most popular home design styles. Here, you will include timeless décor and design elements with great attention to detail because tradition is never about cluttered spaces. Traditional decor is all about coziness and comfort everywhere you look. You should opt for classic, understated furniture, keep the symmetry around and emphasize classic lines.  

Contemporary style- these interiors are cool and sleek in design. This is where you cannot opt for historically inspired beds, for example. There is an emphasis on clean lines everywhere you look, and there is much use of stone, glass, and metal.  

Mid-century modern style is the design style characteristic of the period between the 1930s and 1960s. It is a somewhat “retro” style and has a streamlined look throughout the home. You will find many furniture pieces that look futuristic but without being modern or contemporary. Focus on clean lines and accessories with retro colors (bright orange, yellow, etc.). Throughout the space, there is a bold design predominant.  

Modern Farmhouse style- the modern farmhouse decor focuses on wooden pieces of furniture, barn & country details throughout the house- for example, beautiful barn sliding doors with metal details instead of regular doors. Instead of opting for the narrow style floorboards, farmhouse decor asks for wide plank floors instead.  

Coastal décor- if you love to be constantly reminded of the ocean, the waves, the sun, beautiful colors of green, white, blue, ivory, sand…then, Coastal design may be your choice. Terra cotta and wood are predominant, as well as a focus on soft colors.