Lighting Design Tips to Make you a Pro

When people create their home interior design, they mainly focus on beautiful textiles, design accents, and attractive furniture, but they need to remember one essential detail lighting. Indeed, with lighting, you can brighten up your entire home and make it look like a beautiful place regardless of the types of other details that you choose for your home. For example, by opting for historically-inspired lights, you will create a magical, almost fairytale atmosphere in a room. Therefore, pay attention to lighting when designing the interior of your home- because the difference will show:

  • Embrace natural light– first and foremost, ensure that your home gets enough natural lighting through the windows. You can also use some tricks, such as opting for mirrors and glass top tables that “bounce” back natural light around the space.
  • Task lighting vs. mood lighting– task lighting is the active type of lighting you use when performing tasks (reading, cooking, working, etc.). Mood lighting is the one that will add to the aesthetic side of your interior. Both types of lighting are essential, so balance them accordingly. 
  • Use LED spots to highlight items around the home, such as beautiful artwork or unique ornaments. Use LED lights with caution because these lights do not offer the ambient quality of historically-inspired lights, for example. 
  • Always use the lights to create more space– add recessed spotlights that will shine up nicely against a wall so that the resulting light will create an instant illusion of higher and greater freedom. 
  • Remember dimmers. Choose to install dimmers so you can have immediate control over the entire lighting plan of your home. With dimmers, you can change the mood in a room within a few seconds. Going from a family table game to watching a movie on the cozy sofa requires different lighting. 
  • Use different light sources to beautiful layer the light sources. Use recessed lighting, mounted lights, up lights, or standing floor lamps to achieve this layered effect. Play around with your home’s lighting scheme until you achieve that perfect, desired effect.