Having its offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. is one of the most renowned construction companies in the state. It was founded more than 30 years ago in 1990 by a man known as Patrick Shin. The company has an excellent reputation and has completed a number of projects in Hawaii and nearby areas. It is because of its massive success in such a short span of time in construction years that draws the attention of the people. The most important thing to note is that none of this would have been possible without Patrick Shin himself.

His personal beginnings were very humble to say the least. He was Nan Chul Shin when he lived in South Korea before moving to the United States. That’s when he changed his name, but there was still a long road ahead. His family lived in a one-bedroom apartment and he worked on his brother’s fishing business in New York. A scholarship helped him in doing his majors in business administration at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University. 

He then moved to Hawaii where he worked in a construction firm for two years. He then decided to become an entrepreneur and established his own company. It took a lot of courage and guts to do so because even then, he didn’t have a lot of resources at his disposal. Nonetheless, he wasn’t the type to give up and even with a single employee, he was ready to help Nan Inc. expand. It was this dedication that has gotten his company where it is today. They have completed more than 3,500 multimillion dollar projects and have become known for offering excellent construction management services, thanks to its technical expertise.

Patrick Shin was the one who didn’t hesitate in taking on any project. He started Nan Inc. with the installation of a road sign and didn’t look back. He has been in the headlines recently as well because of a lawsuit against his company. ‘Nan Inc. owner wins lawsuit’ is just one of these headlines and as it indicates, his company just won a lawsuit that was filed by a former lawyer. It is not the only lawsuit that the company has had to deal with over the years, but they have managed to come out of this unscathed because they are committed to their values, the ones that were instilled by none other than Patrick Shin himself.