iOhouse Space smart home is off-grid tiny home

  • iOhouse designed Space, a totally off-grid tiny home. 
  • With all the highest end customizations, the home costs about $413,000 and can be installed in just 90 minutes.
  • As a smart home, every feature is controlled through the owner’s phone.
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Swedish company iOhouse created a luxury, futuristic smart home with Space. The contemporary design comes completely move-in ready, with everything from furniture to sheets and wine glasses already set up. The house is transported by trailer anywhere in the EU, dropped in place by a crane, and residents can move in within 90 minutes.

The coronavirus pandemic, along with greater potential for remote work than ever, have driven many out of cities in search of privacy and more affordable living. iOhouse claims that Space can offer the best of both worlds for this type of customer, with all the luxuries of a modern urban home preinstalled, plus a high-end smart home that can be completely controlled through an app.

Smart homes are becoming more ubiquitous, although not usually in the fully connected way that Space is. They are common in the forms of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, or LED connected bulbs that can be controlled from a smartphone.

A January 2020 Insider Intelligence report predicted there will be 64 billion smart home devices by 2020, and ABI research predicted $123 billion in Internet of Things spending by 2021. Smart devices remain more expensive than their non-smart counterparts, but the industry is growing regardless.

Take a look at Space.