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A living room design that includes an ivory sectional has instant impact. Sectionals provide sweeping lines and generous seating, which encourages conversations, entertaining and relaxation. A living room with a large, open floor plan gives a sectional the space it deserves, with freedom of movement from every direction.

Space, Size and Subtle Color

Approach the living room space from a designer’s perspective to achieve stunning results. Consider the visual scale and proportion of the overall space, including ceiling height, room dimensions, window sizes and paint colors. Architectural elements, such as fireplaces, lighting sources and flooring materials, play a part in overall room design. Determine how much weight the sectional exhibits in the living room to set the pace for adding color. A spacious feeling is easily achieved with a monochromatic color scheme that layers subtle tone-on-tone shades of ivory with off-white, cream and beige. To give the sectional more definition, deepen the wall color to taupe or medium beige. Play up textural differences in the space with a carved or shag rug beneath the sectional.

Sectional Specifics

Sectional components include a variety of pieces, including one-armed and armless sections. Experiment with a variety of configurations to optimize the location of a sectional in a living room. Consider things like view, light sources and architectural focal points from a seated perspective. Traffic flow is important with a sectional because there are multiple access points. Scale and size of accent tables should mimic the sectional configuration and be positioned at least 12-to-14 inches from all sides for easy access. One-armed chaise lounges are often featured on sectionals to extend the versatility of seating options. Experiment with separating the chaise as a stand-alone piece to create an open seating arrangement.

Colorful Contrasts

Dramatic effects can be achieved when colorful walls frame an ivory sectional in hues such as terra cotta, cobalt blue or persimmon. To brighten the neutral ivory tone, include all the color groups, with a full spectrum of definition on throw pillows, area rugs and accessories. Use metal finishes on tables, lamps, overhead lighting and accessories for a sleek approach and choose pewter and silver to encourage a cool, contemporary scheme. Warm the space with gold finishes or use mix-and-match pieces that combine silver and gold in frames, lighting and accessories. A seasonal approach adds versatility to the neutral canvas that an ivory sectional provides.

Designer Tips

Let the pristine influence of an ivory sectional speak the loudest in the room to achieve awe-inspiring complements. Inject hints of color that are carefully chosen to highlight the sectional’s best features, such as placing a dark chocolate rug beneath to ground the sectional with definition. Window coverings with equal scale work best with large upholstery pieces, such as full-length grommet-heading panels on decorative wood or metal poles. Other elements in the room — tables, artwork and accessories — should also reflect the large scale of a sectional,

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