Interior designers elicit laughs with a truly industrial home aesthetic, complete with zinc sheet, Digital News

Going for an industrial look is a pretty common request that home interior designers receive from millennial clients — but nobody has really asked to convert their abodes into a truly, authentically industrial space. 

That’s probably because no one wants their house to look like an actual factory. If someone did though, the folks behind Creatology Design Studio have visualised what a home could be if it was full-on industrial chic: everything slapped with cold, foreboding grey concrete and minimalism at its cheapest.

Designer chairs made with bespoke plastic injection moulding? Check. A chic coffee table that’s actually upcycled rubber tires? Yeap. A sheet of fine corrugated zinc for a bed’s headboard? Genius. Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling with exposed wiring? Of course! 

The thing that ties the whole apartment together is the antique multilingual signboard that pays homage to Singapore’s construction industry. If you had a bigger budget, perhaps the renovators could throw in a wooden pallet or two.

It shouldn’t be hard to see that it’s a jokey mock-up that pokes fun at the obsession with industrial-chic aesthetics. Netizens jumped in on the fun and made some suggestions on how to make it all even more uncompromising to the theme. 


If the unadulterated industrial feel is too much, one could always elect for Creatology Design Studio’s void deck aesthetic for the Singaporean homeowner who wants to bring lepak vibes into their home.

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