How To Create A 5-Star Hotel Bathroom

Roll-top bathtubs, sweet-smelling miniatures and fluffy white towels – there really is nothing more indulging than a luxury bathroom found in a five-star hotel.

It might seem tricky to tap into that timeless hotel look in our own bathrooms (particularly if it’s a space shared by many), but there are plenty of simple tweaks we can make to achieve a five-star feel at home.

Looking for luxury bathroom ideas for your home? From mood-boosting botanicals to a clutter-free space, the design experts at Christy’s tell us how it’s done…

1. Invest in luxury towels

If you’re looking to achieve that sumptuous feel at home, invest in a luxury towel — one that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the shower at one of the world’s most finest hotels. And don’t forget a matching dressing gown; you’ll want something warm and fluffy to wrap yourself in after a long soak in the bath.

‘Soft, fluffy towels are the first thing that springs to mind when you envision a five-star hotel bathroom, and the feeling of cocooning yourself in a luxurious towel post-bath is essential for holding onto that stress-busting effect after your soak,’ says Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy.

Chroma Towels White

chroma towels


2. Bring the outdoors in

From bathroom plants to incorporating natural textures, bringing the outdoors in is a fuss-free way to transform your space — and will help filter toxins out of the air, too.

Some humidity-loving plants, such as the Boston Fern and Snake Plants, thrive in bathrooms. ‘Introducing plants is an easy and affordable way to tap into a key trend and create a rustic and natural atmosphere. You can add colour and personality to a room with minimal effort and if you’re short on space, you can even suspend hanging baskets from your ceiling to get the look,’ adds Lucy.

‘However, plants are so much more than just decorative features. They are known to purify the air, release natural oils and even lower stress levels! They can also soften harsh angles and lighting which will help in creating a relaxing ambience.’


3. Get stylish with your storage

Whether it’s clearing away clutter with stylish storage baskets or towels on a shelf, displaying items like they do in a hotel will make your bathroom feel more opulent. If your space is small, consider under-sink storage to hide any knick-knacks, or, alternatively, make the most of a bare wall by installing a floating shelf.

‘An on-trend method to store towels is to use them as a display feature, hanging them on rustic wooden ladder shelves. Choosing towels in seasonal colours that you can rotate is an affordable way to change up the feel of your bathroom to reflect your current tastes, without having to pick up a paintbrush,’ adds Lucy.

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners Bamboo Rim Rectangular Storage Basket, Small

John Lewis & Partners


4. Use essential oils and candles

When imagining a luxury hotel, it’s likely candles, luxurious scents and an uncluttered space will spring to mind first — possibly followed by grand king-size beds and 24-hour room service. Creating your own hotel-like bathroom can be easily done with your own calming scents, whether this is lavender, peppermint or rosemary.

‘Make sure to think about the vibe you want to create and choose scents that reflect this. Using mismatched scents together in an enclosed space can confuse the senses and ruin our chance to truly relax, so really think about the ambience you want to create,’ says Lucy.

‘If you’re looking to destress, try rosemary-scented products. If you’re struggling to sleep, lavender is a well-known slumber inducer. Alternatively, citrus scents are perfect for refreshing yourself on tired mornings and cucumber is perfect to sharpen and invigorate your senses.’

botanical themed hallway

Rachel Whiting

5. Consider new lighting

Have you ever taken a photo in a hotel bathroom? The likelihood is that it has turned out well, thanks to bright, sharp and well-positioned lights. If you’re planning a little bathroom update, consider new lighting.

Lucy suggests: ‘Opting for lighting which doubles up as a feature (think pendant lighting, hanging brass bulbs, and chandeliers) creates an additional design layer and doesn’t take up vital floorspace in smaller rooms. If you’re looking for a cosy lighting vibe, go for wall lamps with dimmer switches, soft floor spotlights, warm bulbs and of course, plenty of candles.’

Pimlico Bathroom Wall Light – Brass, Garden Trading

Garden Trading

6. Add colour

If finances and time allow, add a splash of colour to your walls. Feeling brave? Opt for inky-blue or fern green. Not sure where to begin? Hues such as pastel pinks and dazzling off-white are safer options. Colour can go a long way in a bathroom, regardless of its size.

For those considering scene-stealing tiles, Lucy suggests: ‘Five-star hotels design their suites so as to be memorable and create a one-off experience for guests. Pair monochrome furniture with patterned tiles to give the illusion of a boutique, luxury hotel that you fall in love with.’

Victorian Green E9000 Field Tile, Dark Green, Original Style

Original Style

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