Home on Lewis Avenue catches fire late Sunday afternoon | Local News

Chris Donohue, 38, lives next to the home that caught fire. Donohue said he was playing video games when he saw some sort of commotion and within 30 seconds to a minute neighbors were banging on his house yelling about a fire. 

He looked out his kitchen window which is separated from his neighbors home by roughly 15 feet. “The whole side of his house was just, whoosh, on fire and just pushing smoke into my house,” he said.”

Donohue said he wasn’t sure if his house was also on fire at that point but was immediately concerned. 

He said he believes his neighbor’s house was used to store much of an annual Halloween home decoration and yard display setup that has been an attraction for decades stretching back to when Donohue himself was an elementary school student growing up in the neighborhood.

Donohue described a frantic scramble that ensued in which he tried to get things out of his home as fast as he could, the targets ranging from pets to valuable objects like art and other materials tied to his screen printing business.

He quickly let his golden retriever out, and then proceeded to his girlfriend’s cat, which he described as big, white fluffy cat that’s difficult to deal with on a normal day.

“That cat doesn’t like to be held at all, especially when there’s smoke filling in the house and people are screaming,” he said. “It will let me hold it but only when it’s calm and only for a few seconds and then I have to put it down. This set me back years.”

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