Hilary Duff shares her home with Architectural Digest

When it comes to her home’s interior design, Hilary Duff decided dark colors were so yesterday.

The “Younger” actor showed off her bright and cheery Los Angeles home in an exclusive feature with Architectural Digest.

“I painted my front door this beautiful blush color,” she told the publication. “I was ready — to get rid of some of the dark colors, to move away from everything being so tonal, and to lighten up a lot of the furniture.”

Hilary Duff sits in her bathroom, which is like her own private sanctuary (she even takes guitar lessons in there!)Jenna Peffley / Architectural Digest

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Her Beverly Hills home has had two remodels since she’s lived there for close to a decade. The latest comes after “a couple of big life changes — a divorce, a second child,” according to Duff.

A light and airy color palette highlighted by lots of natural sunlight makes the place feel fresh and bright.

The kitchen is a bit bolder than the rest of the house. It features blue cabinets and funky black-and-white tiles that Duff admitted to having a bit of a freakout about after they were installed. But her moment of worry didn’t last long. “It all came together and I am so happy,” she said. “I feel like I went with something bold, and that’s a big part of my personality.”

The kitchen features funky black-and-white tiles and a bold pop of blue. Jenna Peffley / Architectural Digest

Duff, who is mom to son Luca, 8, and daughter Banks Violet, 1, made sure the home’s design had some kid-friendly functionality in place, too.

“This house is used by kids,” she said. “We have found this really nice balance. I care a lot about interior design, and I do like to invest in furniture — but furniture that I feel like I’m going to love and reuse in many different ways, and also that my kids can, like, climb on and beat up a little bit. Now, it feels like our family’s home.”

Duff’s daughter Banks’s nursery features a pastel mural and string installation by Laura Stewart. Jenna Peffley / Architectural Digest

Of course, when she needs to get away from her kids, she has her own little sanctuary in her personal suite, that’s complete with a bathroom. She even takes weekly guitar lessons in the suite.

“My husband (Matthew Koma) thinks it’s sad that we don’t share a bathroom,” she said. “He’s like, ‘We miss so much good hanging out time. I want to get ready with you.’ I don’t think I always want to get ready with you, but when I am putting on my makeup, he will sit on that couch. It’s sweet.”

See more pictures of Duff’s cheerful and cozy retreat at ArchDigest.com.

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