Get the Look of This Tiny Parisian Kitchen That Balances Matte and Shiny

The material’s mirror-like effect also brings depth to the space and makes it feel larger, and the champagne-hued tone of the brass gives it “préciosité”—preciousness, she says. Keeping it streamlined are recessed light fixtures built into the underside of the upper cabinets, which have a metallic trim to match the polished brass. The three-sided niche created by the countertop, backsplash, and cabinet underside make “a soft and luminous way to reflect depth and light,” she explains.

The custom cabinetry curves around the corner to allow for even more storage space.

Emmanuelle successfully hid the bathroom behind the kitchen—one of her top priorities for the space. 

For the cabinets themselves, she opted for limestone-colored waxed concrete panels to create a matte backdrop that would allow the backsplash to (literally!) shine. The cabinet doors are simple and rectilinear but curve around a corner to create an L-shaped kitchen and optimize on extra storage space—“essential in a space that’s only 300 square feet!” she says. The cabinetry’s pared-down detailing, with only the simplest of discreet pulls where necessary, helps reduce visual clutter. Even the electric cook top is minimalist and picks up the gold tones of the backsplash with its glassy surface.

The shiny surface is accessorized with a contrasting matte vase and decor. 

Emmanuelle created a space that establishes a color palette (and surface treatment) that ranges from subtly textured matte to sleek and shiny metallic finishes. 

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