Exterior home tour part of Westby’s centennial celebration | News

Part of the carefully-planned History Alive Project’s events to celebrate “Westby as a City 100th Birthday Party” is to offer visitors a drive-by/walk-by self-guided tour of 12 of the city’s older homes called the “Decades of Homes Tour.”

“Our committee for the exterior home tour sent personal letters to each of the owners or current resident of 12 identified homes within the city limits of Westby,” said Betty Stoleson, committee chair. “Each of them was asked if they could pinpoint the year that their home was built, a bit of the home’s history, if known, and to cite any unique features or stories in reference to that particular home. We knew that these chosen homes being built when they were and the contributed stories, would help to flesh out the saga of the growth of Westby over the last 100 years or more through its building of its homes.”

“We were more than very pleasantly surprised that we had very willing participants and they came through for us with what we asked and more,” Stoleson said. “We have already gotten four confirmed contacts and requests from additional owners, as they want to participate in our second Exteriors Homes Tour. We will definitely hold such a tour at a later date, perhaps going with many more than these first 12. Of course we’ll solicit additional homes and perhaps expand the second tour to include Westby churches and Westby business buildings.”

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