Elusive graffiti artist Banksy reveals rodent artwork inside home during COVID-19 lockdown

A picture by British graffiti artist Banksy on his bathroom. Picture: Instagram

He is known for placing mysterious artwork on streets but British graffiti artist Banksy has released his latest work inside his own home amid coronavirus lockdown measures.

The anonymous street artist posted new artwork on social media with the tag “my wife hates it when I work from home”.

It was a rare insight into his life in lockdown with a series of images of his bathroom covered in rat sketches.

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The scene was shared on the Bristol artist’s Instagram page and shows rodents in various interactions with bathroom items.

One rat is shown jumping on the toothpaste and another is running on top of a roll of toilet paper, causing it to unravel across the floor.

Another rat is reflected in the mirror marking off the days in lockdown.

The release of a work inside the elusive artist’s home comes as the UK continues under strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, which left streets around the country largely empty.

Banksy usually does artwork on other homes or streets. Picture: Instagram

Banksy’s distinctive stencilling technique usually combines humour with political commentary and appears on street corners and lanes.

The art has appeared on streets in everywhere from Bristol to New Orleans and New York and while not for sale, when salvaged, the works often command high prices.

One comment on social media appeared to reference this trend, with the user writing “just made your rest room worth more than your whole house”.

Banksy Appears On A Garage Wall In Port Talbot

Artwork by the underground guerrilla artist Banksy in Wales. Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

It is not the first time Banksy has worked on residential real estate. The artist drew on a Bristol house earlier this year but the work was soon vandalised after the artist confirmed it was genuine.

Other homes tagged by the artist have doubled in value virtually over night.

Banksy’s identity has been the subject of much speculation over the years.

An investigation by UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday alleged he was Robin Gunningham, a Bristol-based artist.

There has also been speculation he is Robert Del Naja, also known as 3.D., the frontman of the band Massive Attack. Banksy was also linked to Jamie Hewlett, the artist behind cartoon band Gorillaz.

Graffiti homes: Warner family

A Newtown couple pictured after they commissioned street art on their home. Picture: Tim Hunter.

Street art on the side of a Newtown home that sold for $1.21 million.

The artist has helped popularise street art in Australia: many homeowners in Sydney’s inner west have commissioned street artists to work on the outside walls of their properties.

This often made the properties instant landmarks.

Victoria Johnstone, who was behind Inner West Council’s “perfect match” program pairing homeowners with graffiti artists, is on record saying street art was highly valued because it brought communities together.

“It connects people who don’t always talk to each other and that makes for a better neighbourhood so it’s not surprising there is real estate value involved,” she said.

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