Custom Yard Sign Advertising: Is it good for Businesses?

Custom Yard Sign Advertising: Is it good for Businesses?

In these modern times, we are surrounded by various advertisements. There is too much advertising that a lot of people tend to block the advertisements out on their mobile phones, tablets, or personal computers. The eternal marketing problem for most businesses is to try to overcome this hurdle and create something that can stand out in their industry. 

Successful advertisements are the ones that can do this effortlessly. One way to achieve this is by putting ads in a place where they are not usually seen. It is why custom yard signs get noticed by people. More ads surround advertisements on buses, billboards, magazines, or even on televisions. 

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These things are more likely to get lost in a sea of advertisements. Yard signage stands out because suddenly, there is a promotion in the neighbor’s yard. What is that all about? If people consider using these things to advertise their products or services, here are some things to consider.

Is it legal?

A considerable obstacle to signage is getting permission to place it in a yard. It is a pretty common practice for home improvement, landscaping, and construction firms to place these things in their client’s front lawn when they do their work.

Any good organization would ask the permission of the property owner before they can do this. This practice makes a lot of sense. Individuals around the area may see workers at the property and might wonder what firm they are with. And most owners have no problem letting firms announce themselves while they do the dirty work. 

Some organizations even provide small discounts to property owners who allow them to leave signs up for a couple of days, weeks, or months after the job is done. If the organization wants to expand the reach of their promotions beyond clients’ yards? 

After all, they spend a lot of money to have the signage printed; why not sneak some onto a busy intersection or the vacant area near the park? As people might imagine, in most states or cities, putting signage in public areas is illegal without the necessary permits. But that does not stop some companies from disregarding caution. If it is in an excellent spot, a lot of eyes will see the sign before it is taken down.

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On the other hand, if organizations want their signage to be efficient and effective, they are going to have to put their contact information on it. So organizations can judge for themselves whether putting their website or contact number on the billboard placed in an illegal area is worth it. 

It still depends on how strict the city or state enforce its ordinances. In general, it is probably safe to say that with a couple of billboards here and there, the company is probably fine. But if the signage is everywhere and become a nuisance, organizations may have a problem.

What does the use of signage in advertising products or services say about an organization?

Every type of promotion carries messages about organizations that created it that go beyond the promotion itself. The secondary message comes from the kind of advertising. Think about how companies view a law firm that promotes a sports television show versus a pretty successful firm without any advertising help. What if people saw yard signs about the firm? What preconceptions would people immediately have about that organization? For most businesses, these things are appropriate and expected.

Conversely, there are a lot of industries where yard signs would look off-putting or odd. For example, individuals would probably pass on doctors who had “We Do All Types of Surgeries” custom yard signs all over town. For various kinds of businesses, there exist gray areas. If individuals have one of those ventures, people must decide what kind of image they want to project for their company. 

Some restaurants or eateries use these types of promotion methods, but they traditionally are not date-night-anniversary types of eateries or restaurants. There are financial institutions that use these things, but most would not be viewed as top-quality banks. Not that there is anything wrong with catering