Creating the Farmhouse Style in your Home

In-home décor, farmhouse style is a delightful, cozy, soothing type of décor. Instead of bright colors and modern shapes, the accent is on the natural elements, beautiful textures, and soft color combinations. Many farmhouse-style homes also have a piece of décor that makes everything pop, and this could be a stunning reproductionantique light, such as a chandelier in the kitchen. 

One of the first steps to decide on when you are thinking about recreating the farmhouse style is the color of the walls. Here, you will want to opt for neutral colors for all the walls in your home. Do not use dark or bright colors and try to avoid painting every room using a different color. Look for colors such as creams, beiges, different tones of grey or simply white. The colors on your wall will become the canvas for the farmhouse-style décor you will use. Planked walls in the living room or bed board in the bathroom will further add a beautiful texture reminiscent of a fantastic farmhouse. You are almost set if you add a reproduction antique light in the living room. Farmhouse style is also about mixing old and new items throughout the home. Use repurposed decoration items like a beautiful bucket to keep a green plant or old-style wooden trays throughout your kitchen and living room. 

Try to use neutral colors throughout the decor and stay away from very bright and vibrant colors. You want to achieve an overall soft-toned, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere that is not about colorful pink rugs or black décor items. Decorate the outside of your home using old wire baskets – for flowers, keeping your newspapers and magazines in the living room, or storing some farmhouse-style pillows and throw blankets. 

When it comes to farmhouse décor, you will also want to use a lot of wooden accents. Wooden items will help give that rustic feel to your home. Remember that light fixtures can make or break the beauty of a house, so choose wisely.