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WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WFSB) — Travelers may feel a little more comfortable flying out of Bradley International Airport when it comes to using their bathrooms.

Within the next month or so, all of the restrooms at the airport will be new and improved.

“The approach that we took lends itself to folks feeling very comfortable traveling through these restrooms,” said Kevin Dillon, executive director of Bradley Airport Authority.

Dillon knows travelers care about bathroom quality, but he never expected the project would receive national attention. It was recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

The new digs aren’t just sleek, they’re safer, which is especially important these days.

“We’ve certainly installed the latest innovations in terms of restroom design, which is a lot of finishes that allow us to easily clean and sanitize the facility,” Dillon said.

During these difficult pandemic times, folks will be happy to learn that the handwashing system is completely touchless.

Travelers will also notice new tile, a better lighting system, and larger changing tables. Bradley’s leadership also listened to fliers who asked for more privacy.

All of the new stalls are full length for added privacy, and the airport has also installed something innovative that they like to call a “tush light,” which is basically like a traffic light. When it’s green, that means go, but when someone shuts and locks the door, the light turns red, meaning someone is in the stall.

“We like to think Bradley is at the forefront of innovation in aviation, no matter if it’s what we do in our airfield, or in our restrooms, we want to be leading the pack,” Dillon said.

Check out the story that aired on CBS Sunday Morning by clicking here.

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