Best ways to protect your business, home and valuables during uncertain times

Violence, vandalism, and looting of businesses, government buildings and homes have become a regular occurrence in recent months. With all its unprecedented events, 2020 has proven that the future is anything but certain.

Utah, ranked second nationally for happiness among states by, hasn’t been immune from recent violence and vandalism. Riots in Salt Lake Valley, as well as the recent riot and shooting in Provo, have left businesses and homeowners rattled and seeking protection for the things, and people, they care for most.

When it comes to protecting your business, home, family, and valuables, a few steps can greatly enhance your security. Here are six to consider.

Damage to the exterior of your home or business can mean expensive repairs, time lost, and even a drop in revenue, says The Balance Small Business. While armor is usually correlated with law enforcement or military personnel, Utah company Citizen Armor is bringing armored protection for homes and businesses.

There truly is nothing else like Citizen Armor on the market. Offering bulletproof windows, doors, wall panels, Smash and Grab™ security film, and specialty custom armor like cubicles, desks and dry erase boards, Citizen Armor provides protection should the worst occur.

Most think it’s as simple as having a lock installed, but security experts tell a different story. If your door is weak, kicking down the door is no problem for the determined burglar. If you don’t have a deadbolt, picking the lock is simple. If you have a sliding glass door, lifting it up off the track is easy.

Even if you think you’re doing everything you can be to keep your home secure, there’s always more you can do.

If you have thin, old doors, consider replacing them with solid or metal models. Use deadbolts, strike plates, and smart locks to lock them. Install a peephole or place a doorbell camera or other camera to be alerted to movement. If you have sliding doors, be sure to use safety bars in the floor track and add floor bolts, or foot locks to keep intruders from slipping in.

Citizen Armor also offers the highest-quality armored doors, built to NIJ Threat Level IIIA standards, your doors will be tamper, bullet, and kick-in proof, keeping you protected in worst-case scenarios.

If criminals aren’t trying to come in your front or back door, they are probably going to try the garage door. Garage doors are deceptively easy to break into, leaving your garage, house, and everything inside, vulnerable.

If you’re going out of town, Consumer Affairs suggests unplugging the garage opener, drilling a hole in the track above the roller, and installing a padlock to keep it shut.

After you take care of the simple methods of securing your home or business, a security system is a logical next step for protection. While monitored systems are always a great idea if you can afford them, there are also many home security camera options available that will connect with mobile apps on your phone, allowing you to check your home or business from anywhere, at any time.

Another easy point of entry to your home, business, or car, is through your windows. The Home Depot suggests securing windows by using pin locks, bars, placing breakage sensors, and keeping them covered with curtains, blinds, or other methods.

Or, if you are concerned about shots being fired through your windows, get bulletproof grade glass from Citizen Armor. They use industry-leading shield glass that can stop anything from .9mm rounds to 7.62 single rifle shots. For a more cost effective solution, Smash and Grab™ Security Film can be added to existing windows and will keep glass intact if hit with a bullet, bat or hard object.

It might feel like something out of a Mission Impossible movie, but Consumer Reports says a safe is one of the most secure and affordable options for keeping valuables protected. Making sure your safe is fireproof, waterproof, heavy, and awkward to carry or haul are the best specifications for preventing being stolen or broken into by a burglar.

Take it to the next level by storing your safe in a panic room built with Citizen Armor protection. Offering armored wall panels from a half-inch to five inches thick, not only is your safe going to be protected, but you will be, too.

If you’re searching for armor for your business or home, Citizen Armor has a range of options to provide the security you need. Using the best bulletproof materials on the market to make their wall panels, windows, and barriers, bulletproofing has never been a more accessible defense for your family, business and valuables.

With various threat level options, Citizen Armor can customize your level of defense to fit your budget and needs. Learn more about all of their products and protection on the Citizen Armor website.

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