Bathroom Vanity Units & Basins

But what is it about the bathroom vanity unit that’s so important? Why should every bathroom have one? Well, let’s begin with a brief look into the history and evolution of the bathroom vanity. When you consider the fact that bathrooms didn’t really exist until little over a hundred years ago, you’ll understand the vital role that the vanity unit has played in our lives for centuries. The earliest bathroom vanities didn’t look much like the stunning selection that we have on offer today. In fact, they were merely bedroom washstands that came equipped with a bowl and a pitcher full of water for having a quick wash of a morning.

Today, vanity units are plumbed in, pumping out hot and cold water, made from the most luxurious materials, and provide us with incredible storage solutions for the wealth of toiletries that we now possess. We favour simplistic designs over the more intricate, floral, and shapely styles that were sought after during the Victorian era.

Another interesting fact that influenced the evolution of the bathroom vanity, is that during the Victorian era, and into the Edwardian, it was believed that remaining in the nude after bathing for a while, was beneficial to your health. As such, bathrooms were treated more as extensions of the bedroom, as opposed to the independent rooms that they are today. Bathroom vanities at the time, would have long legs, a mirror, and a stool, and women would spend a while pampering and admiring themselves. Whereas today, the modern woman has very little time to spare, so the vanity unit is much more about convenience than it is leisure.

Now we have bathroom suites with wall hung vanity units, electronic basin taps, wall mounted heated towel racks, smart mirrors, Bluetooth shower speakers and so much more! The bathroom has evolved dramatically over the years, but one thing has remained constant: our desire to enjoy a bit of alone time, where we can truly relax and unwind. That is why we’re so passionate about selling incredible bathroom furniture under the regular retail price for our valued customers.

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