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Bathrooms are spaces that we utilize several times in a day and yet when it comes to its aesthetics, things are often overlooked. Lighting in a bathroom is crucial, even though what most bathrooms have is a single bulb that just provides the bare minimum of illumination. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom and looking for ideas to enhance it, lighting can be one of the options to start with. Ranging from task lights to decorative lights, smart lighting that matches the aesthetics of the bathroom will take it up a notch and make your bathroom look fancy and well-maintained.

Bathroom design: Lighting options for a brilliantly lit bathroom | Most Searched Products

Installing task lighting in the bathroom is a must and should be placed near the mirror you primarily use. A pair of lights on either side or on top of the mirror would provide the best lighting scenario. The placement at eye-level will ensure that there are no unnecessary shadows cast on the face. This lighting arrangement would be perfect for applying make-up, shaving and any other grooming activity. Task lighting can also be fixed with a dimmer so that you can change up the lighting intensity as per your need.

This LED light is waterproof and emanates a warm glow.

Art is slowly finding its way into the bathroom and a great way to highlight them would be to install accent lights nearby. Directional lights flanked on either side of the door or near a window would add a design feature to an otherwise simple room and would make it look more luxurious and put-together.

Whether it’s a plant or a wall art, adding a light fixture that throws light on it would make your bathroom a place you would love to show off to your guests.

Ambient light is for illuminating the whole bathroom and can even come disguised as a decorative lighting. Ambient lighting can also be fixed as hidden details in the bathroom like a ceiling and can be placed in numbers across the perimeter to provide proper illumination to the bathroom.

If you are looking for a single lighting fixture, go for this 11 W light from Philips as it would be ample enough for the whole bathroom.

As the name suggests, decorative lighting would enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom and hence you can invest in something colourful or completely different from the current theme of your bathroom. Pendant lights like chandeliers would provide your bathroom with the look of luxury, while a natural material like bamboo light would give a more coastal feel to the bathroom.

Colourful LED lights can completely change the aura of your bathroom and make it look elevated.

While installing lighting fixtures would certainly call for monetary investment, LED lighting strips or string lights can be incorporated as a quick method for changing the bathroom’s look.

This adhesive light can be stuck on the mirror to illuminate it for both functional and decorative purposes.

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