3 Tips on Being a Successful Spartanburg Commercial Roofer on HouzzSearching for a roofer on the internet often gets people confused and lost. It’s not easy to find one. Lots of people enjoy spending their time on Houzz.

This website is specialized in offering interior and exterior products for people who are building or renovating their homes. Since the options are endless, the founders realized that getting to the best ideas is not at all simple. So they made this page, where other users, businesses, and service owners, all present what they do best.

Having your profile on this page is an excellent idea. When people search for something on Houzz, they often find contractors through it. It’s a popular site with more than 17 million users. This just tells you what the chances are to sell something through it. See more about it here.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will help you and your business thrive on Houzz. Check out some of the tips to make sure you’re discovered and hired through it.

1. Make sure you have an outstanding reputation

There are more options for users on this platform. People search for so many things. Some are just looking for ideas through the offered images, and some go directly to the service owners.

There’s a “find a pro” section in which the customer can select what they are looking for, where they are located, and in what section the company needs to work. Based on this information, the system will highlight several businesses from which the user can choose.

Because of this, it’s highly important for every business that wants to make it have an outstanding reputation on the network. To do this, you need to make sure you leave customers happy after you’re done.

For example, if you’re working as a roofer, then it’s crucial to provide perfect service for your customers. Roofing is not a simple thing, so you must do your best, and make sure the installed roof has no flaws after you leave.

Every single shingle must be perfectly installed, and the warranty you provide must be precisely written so the customers don’t experience issues before the job was done.

If you manage to do all this, the customers will be happy to write a review and rank you higher on the platform. Doing so, you’re going to go up in the results section. Whenever someone searches for a roofer on the page, your name is going to pop up among the first ones.

For example, you can’t choose Spartanburg as an option in the location tab, but the clients can choose Charlotte. So, you need to be really good to stand out in this type of company. Click here to learn why reputation matters: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/343983.

2. Always post new images and products

Houzz is a platform based on images. If you have scrolled through Pinterest, for example, you have surely noticed that there’s no other content than images. Yet, magazines and businesses manage to get more customers through it. This platform is one of the most popular ones in the States.

It’s the same with Houzz. The images play a significant role. But, how can they help a business stand out? They can through clicking on them from potential clients.

People who go to Houzz looking for ideas are surely up for something. For example, if they are looking for roofing ideas, they are about to build or renovate their roof, so they are searching for something new.

If you’re offering these kinds of services, then you must offer some of the ideas you can provide. If the client likes a particular image, they are going to click on it. This is going to lead to the business’s profile. If the client is interested, they might call or write a message.

What’s important here is that images keep changing. New ones are being added every day, and some of the existing ones become obsolete. New styles are being introduced. New methods are rising every day. As a business working with roofs, you’re the one who’s the most involved in this activity. Post new pictures all the time, and attract more customers.

3. Get your profile in perfect shape

When someone comes across your profile, they are going to see what you’ve done so far on the platform. Some people like it when they can enjoy all kinds of content on your profile, and some are more interested in a clean and simple solution.

In both cases, you must leave a clear path for the clients for finding you. There must be a phone number, a clear location about where you are and where you do business, and your website. This is the case with this commercial roofer from Spartanburg, which has managed to make and obtain a clear profile. There is crucial information, and there’s nothing more to bother the customers.

Others like to brag about their achievements. They offer all kinds of things. Various images in sections that they don’t even work with, then awards, comments, and all kinds of other things. This is fun for some people, but in general, those who are looking for a professional business will only be interested in the credentials, rather than making a show for them.

Of course, everyone chooses a strategy. If your idea of having a great profile is to see it full of content, then go for it. If you like a clean and simple approach, then do this.


These three tips are going to make you flourish on this platform. It’s a great place to run your business, and if you know how to do it, expect tons of customers in no time. Getting more of them will raise your reputation, and this will convince you, even more, to start working with you.

More work means new projects. Take pictures of them. Make sure they are professional. Upload them on the platform and be sure to do it regularly.