25 Bathroom Organizers Guaranteed to Help Keep Your Space Spotless

The bathroom is one of the first places you visit in the morning, and often the last space you see in the house before bed. Ensuring toilet paper supplies, cosmetics, and towels have their own designated place is essential to allowing for a calm, cool, and collected day. Whether your bathroom is more like a full-size personal spa or a small city space, finding room for all of your necessities can be difficult.

Transforming your bathroom into a place of tranquility takes more than just organizing your medicine cabinet. With makeup, creams, medicines, and more, the number of items stored in a bathroom is nothing short of astounding. But with the help of everything from rustic freestanding shelves to modern medicine cabinets, making room for your bathroom essentials in an otherwise tight area just got easier. Add to the room’s décor while allowing for more floor space with a gold rectangular mirror with a shelf. There, you can display smaller, lighter bathroom accessories in a glass jar, like cotton balls and bath salts, for some added decoration.

Another option is to place your favorite bubble baths and bath bombs in an elegant teak tub caddy, ready to use for your next soak. Stash cleaning supplies and products you’d prefer to keep hidden beneath the sink in a pullout metal tray, or display items proudly atop a gilded bar cart–offering up a mobile option ideal for a shared space.

Invest in a timeless piece of bathroom furniture, like a glass-doored cabinet, ideal for holding additional towels. Place wooden trays within the cabinet for easy decoration that blends seamlessly with your bathroom’s aesthetic. Or, opt for a leaning ladder or a simple towel holder to keep everything in its place.

Here, find stylish ways to give your toiletries, succulents, bath towels, and more their very own home.

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