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18 Clever Small Bathroom Ideas

I’m quickly coming up on a decade of apartment living (yes, 10 whole years!), and while the size (and rents) of my apartments have varied, one thing they’ve all had in common is their teeny, tiny bathrooms. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bathroom more than 40-square-feet—and the vast majority of them (including my current one) were windowless.

The upside of small bathrooms, of course, is that they’re a breeze to clean, but they often leave something to be desired by way of character. My bathrooms have always felt incredibly blah since there’s never enough space to add much character, and as such, the bathroom has never, ever been my favorite room. Or maybe it’s been me all along—and a certain…lack of vision?

Instagram is helping to change all that. I’m clearly far from the only person who is working with a teeny bathroom space, and the internet’s home decor experts have found so many ingenious ways to make small bathrooms feel fun, personalized, and welcoming. Here are some of the dreamiest IG bathrooms I’ve found so far! (Spoiler alert: A lot of them are in Europe, where bathrooms are actually closet-sized.)

Pretty Pink Tiles

A unique tile can instantly spruce up even the smallest bathroom—without taking up precious floor space! These fun tiles have a unique rounded shape, and we love that they’re in slightly different shades of pink. Plus, the basket to hide the sink’s pipes? Genius.

Glass Partitions

Sometimes, in compact bathrooms, the tub is a little too close to the sink, but this quaint space solves that common problem with a simple glass partition. It helps divide up the space without closing it off with a curtain, which might make it feel even smaller. So smart!

Minimalistic Styling

Here’s one of those teeny European bathrooms we were talking about. There’s juuuust enough room to turn around, but they’ve still managed to squeeze in a cute stool and plant, as well as a pretty basket that hangs above the sink. If they can make this bitty bathroom look this good, I really don’t have an excuse for mine!

More Shelves, Please

No place to put your toiletries? No problem! This bathroom makes the most of every inch with lots of added shelving. They even placed boards on the back of the toilet and on the windowsill to create makeshift surfaces for personal care products and decorative accents.

Undersized Fixtures

An easy way to make a tiny bathroom feel bigger? Buy small fixtures! The toilet and sink in this bathroom are smaller than the norm, which makes the room feel more spacious. Plus, because the sink is “floating,” there’s room underneath to strategically place decor.

Bold Shower Curtains

This bathroom makes a bold statement with the help of a Frida Kahlo-inspired shower curtain (which you can buy for yourself here). It’s an inexpensive way to spruce up a tiny pace, and the best part is that it’s a renter-friendly tactic! Count me in.

Bring in the Wallpaper

Temporary (or permanent) wallpaper is an unbeatable way to give your tiny bathroom new life. This striped pattern has a relaxing nautical vibe, and it makes the room appear larger by drawing your eye upward.

Cute Decorative Accents

This bathroom may not have a lot of extra space, but it still has several pieces of decor to give it personality. The wooden stool is tucked into an unused corner, and there’s even a hanging plant mounted on the back of the door. Sometimes you just have to get crafty!

Plants, Plants, Plants

As a diehard plant-lover, I’m probably biased, but I think that greenery makes any space more vibrant. This teeny bathroom is blessed with a window, so it’s the perfect place to display a variety of happy plants. (Tropical plants will love the humidity of your shower.) Plus, the wooden bath mat keeps with the room’s natural vibe.

Bold Hardware Accents

The simple contrast of the lightly colored walls and the bold hardware makes for an eye-catching design here. Even the lights and mirror are that same wonderful shade of brassy gold, and we’re loving it.

Matching Motifs

While the walls and shower tiles of this bathroom are plain, the fun pattern on the floor helps make the room pop. Plus, we love that the same pattern is used in the shower cubby—even the pendant light matches. It’s understated, yet so stylish.

Keep It Narrow

This dark, moody bathroom makes the most of every inch with super narrow shelving tucked into the corner. The towel railing is also squeezed in between the sink and the wall, so no space is wasted.

Calming Colors

The muted sage green color scheme of this small bathroom helps to make it feel like a relaxing spa. Plus, the pops of greenery and crisp white linens pull the space together, giving it the farmhouse feel that so many people (still) love.

Bold Modern Vibes

This room almost feels like an optical illusion thanks to its high contrast black-and-white color scheme. It’s filled with bold lines and modern accents that might even be too much if the bathroom was any bigger. (And yes, this is another extra-small European space, if you couldn’t already tell!)

Sleek and Simple

Make sure you swipe to see the before and after of this simple little bathroom—the transformation is really wild! They didn’t change a lot, mostly just the wall color and flooring, but the space is totally transformed and seems a lot less dingy afterwards. Plus, we have a major crush on that hanging planter.

More Is More

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s this fun maximalist styling of a tiny bathroom. The owners had no problem fitting bold tiles, a fun bath mat, numerous plants, artwork, and more into the undersized space, and while it may seem a little busy, together, the aesthetic really works.

A Chic French Space

This chic space is pretty much what I’d expect from a home in the French Riviera—or a high-end spa, take your pick. It has a calming monochromatic beige aesthetic, and it’s nicely decorated without feeling cluttered. Plus, the glass partition helps to keep the room feeling open and airy.

Extreme Contrast

Black walls can be hard to pull off, but somehow it works in this tiny NYC bathroom. The white fixtures and decorations help brighten up the small space—and of course, there’s that big window to let in natural light. Now that’s one thing I have to make my peace without.

Which of these small bathrooms ideas would you try on your own? Tell us in the comments!

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