11 Things Bobby Berk Uses to Upgrade Home Offices 2020 | The Strategist

Photo: Courtesy of Bobby Berk

Back in March, when many of us started working from home to slow the spread of COVID-19, it seemed preposterous that we’d be toiling away at makeshift desks all summer, let alone into the fall. But now that many companies have extended WFH policies through the end of the year — with some already extending them well into 2021 — you may be looking for ways to make a makeshift workspace a bit more professional (a.k.a. functional). Still, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to invest a ton of money into a home office, especially if you plan to return to your real office as soon as you can. When we think of fast-but-fundamentally-better makeovers, few top the transformations led by Queer Eye’s Fab Five — particularly the actually good upgrades that interior designer Bobby Berk manages to give spaces of all sorts. So we reached out to Berk about his favorite office essentials that will work for any space and, for the most part, won’t cost an arm and a leg (but are well-made enough to last a lot longer than we hope this prolonged WFH stint will). Read on for a desk compact enough that you can work from a hallway, handsome leather file folders for organizing paperwork, the fake plant he uses to liven up homes on Queer Eye, and more Berk-approved picks (none of which come from brands he is sponsored by right now, but some of which come from partners he’s worked with before).

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