$100 Room Makeover: The Kids’ Bathroom

Today is the day, you guys! I have been so excited to show y’all the room makeover I’ve been slaving over lately! I have joined forces with my favorite fellow bloggers to encourage you to decorate a room in your home with a really thrifty budget of $100. With such an affordable budget, we were all forced to use our creativity, DIY the projects, and really think outside the box with our materials and plan. It’s amazing to see what rooms we all chose to makeover, renovate, redecorate, flip, refresh, or repurpose. $100 is a budget that works for most people, so if you’re thinking of making an update in your home, I am certain you can find some inspiration on a tiny budget!


Allow me to set the scene for you and my project undertaking… My friends and I planned this project back in the summer, and decided on a deadline and budget – September 30; $100 with no sponsorships.

Guess when I started my room?

September 24th. I love a good challenge… but I also love procrastination.

Room Makeover: Kids’ Bathroom

Because our house is builder-basic, this room is a beige square, with a beige floor, white tile, white vanity. Blah, blah. All I had in there was a shower curtain and the mirror for some color, alas this poor space had no identity. Actually, none of our bathrooms have an identity, but I wanted to start here because it’s small, and we knew we could do it in budget and have an amazing reveal.  That, and I needed to address the fingerprint smudges on the non-washable builder beige flat paint we have no touch-up paint for (because we used it on their other finger prints).

This is horrible, is it not? Would you believe I gave it a room makeover and completely transformed it with only $100!?

This is a sad light isn't it? Would you believe I left it in the $100 Room Makeover and it looks like a totally different fixture?

This is the light in our master bathroom (sad face), but the kid’s bathroom has the same light, just 2 bulbs. I took it off before I could get a decent photo of it.

This is horrible, is it not? Would you believe I gave it a room makeover and completely transformed it with only $100!?

Boring, right? Zzzzzz…

The Vision

My original plan was to add board and batten, iron knobs and pulls, make a grain sack shower curtain, frame the mirror, and paint it all. Oh, and make that monstrosity into a gooseneck style barn light.

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Barn Light Design House, $34 | Downton Abbey Village Shower Curtain Heritage Lace, $80 | 3-Ring Knob Amerock, $5 | Forgings Drawer Pull Amerock, $7 | Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirror, Handmade at Amazon by Hurd and Honey, $131

The Tour

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that I posted a few sneak peeks of the room, and I am so excited to finally show you the entire bathroom!

0 Room Makeover: The Kids’ Bathroom

This is the after, and you have got to see the horrible before! I did it all with just $100!

This is the after, and you have got to see the horrible before! I did it all with just $100!

Board and batten and all the shiplapped things are my jam. Because this room takes a beating (3 kids, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bathies, soaps, and who else knows what, we went with board and batten for ease of cleanup. And it was so much faster to install than our shiplap hallway.

After the install, I painted out the bottom and the trim, and definitely committed to painting the upper portion of the walls. That beige was so sleepy. The wall color I went with is Filmy Green, which we got from Lowes from the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams line. I ended up having absolutely no idea what color to paint the upper portion of the walls, so armed with two out of three kids, I chose the color pallet for the entire house, just so I could choose the bathroom paint. And I love it!

Look at this $100 room makeover! We added so much charm and character to this room!

The black hooked mirror doubling as a towel rack is a project you may recognize from just a few weeks ago; he got a makeover. fter I finished painting the walls, I realized the green in that mirror clashed horribly with the beautiful green wall paint. My go-to decorator friends thought black could work because the green was just tragic, and I think it looks amazing, while bringing out the iron-look hardware and black light fixture.

We added board and batten to our $100 room makeover, and it adds so much character to this room!

Look at this $100 room makeover! We added so much charm and character to this room!
The shower curtain I purchased 3 years ago from World Market and it is going to stay! I was going to make a shower curtain from a drop cloth at the last minute, but I do love the way the colors look now the whole room is pulled together. It shall be set in stone! The knob and pulls are from Home Depot, and were a good fill-in for the super expensive ones elsewhere.

Look at this $100 room makeover! We added so much charm and character to this room!

This light, though! I have to tell you, my original plan was to spray the whole thing black and use jelly jars (we have those in the powder room) as the shades. Then I decided I wanted to find a bubble glass shade instead. I couldn’t find one I loved enough, so I tried to knockoff a different barn-style light with tiny lamp shades. Nope. In the final push to meet the looming deadline, I decided to just paint the glass shades, and it turned out really adorable, if I do say so myself. For zero dollars!

This light fixture was given a huge facelift, with just a can of spray paint! Look at how amazing this $100 Room Makeover is!

This mirror frame was rough cut pine and attached with mirror adhesive. We made this big ol’ thing the same way we made the map frames.

This bathroom was given a HUGE facelift! Look at how amazing this $100 Room Makeover is!


Room Makeover Cost Analysis:

semi-gloss white paint, 1 gallon: $15
Filmy Green paint, 1 gallon: $26
board and batten MDF and trim piece: $24
knob and pulls: $9
Liquid Nails mirror adhesive: $5
flat black spray paint: $3
shower curtain, hooked mirror, light bulbs, pictures, rug, wood for vanity mirror frame, wood stain, glue, nails: $0

$100 Room Makeover Total: $82

Yahtzee! The ONE TIME I am under budget, y’all. The single time in the history of the world. Mark this date in your calendars! There is so much you can do with $100; I still had room in the budget, and will probably add a shelf or some cabinet storage organization, but for now…  this room is done!

Andrew said he wants to do the other two bathrooms next week.

Look at this $100 room makeover! We added so much charm and character to this room!

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