In honor of Ingenious Design Week, we asked chefs across the country about the clever tools that they can’t cook without and dug deep into our own back catalogue to uncover other sworn-by doodads that are truly worth making space for in your kitchen drawer. And while we typically ascribe to the Alton Brown rule of kitchen gadgets — single function is a scam — we found that there are some select unitaskers that will make life better, just as there are likely things lying around your kitchen that can be used in ways you never considered.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a Waffle House, then you’ve seen a press at work, likely keeping a patty melt flat on the grill. But chef Gracie Nguyen of East Side Banh Mi in Nashville says not just any press will do. She swears by this one from Chef’s Press, because, unlike traditional presses, it features a smart vented design, meaning you’ll never accidentally steam your grilled-cheese sandwich. And you don’t have to be a short-order cook to find this handy. It weighs down meats and veggies “so they cook evenly and consistently,” Nguyen says. “It can also be used to help submerge artichokes while they are boiling or a fat pork chop soaking in brine. They stack so you can add a few on top of each other if you need a bit more weight. Brilliant!”

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