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Discount wall sconces, shelves and hooks will reinvent your vertical space. Search our clearance wall decor for wall plaques, decorative plates and wall mirrors to shake up your decorating approach.

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Use discount wall sconces to frame a large mirror, or create an interesting vignette with low-priced wall plaques instead. Our clearance wall decor section offers savings from 40 to 70 percent off, so you can fashion any arrangement you please. Whether you’re after a metal wall plaque or ceramic decorative plates, pinpoint wall decorations that will complement your aesthetic. We offer wall decor in styles from coastal to Southwestern, and designs include pine cones, fleurs-de-lis, florals and much more.

Explore the countless wall decorations at your disposal. Browse our wall decor sale for

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External Wall Insulation | Homebuilding & Renovating

A wall does many things, only one of which is to hold the roof up. Since the 1970s the wall’s role in keeping the heat in has become increasingly important. And, following numerous grants rolled out for cavity insulation, 2014 saw the Government offer grants towards both internal and external wall insulation in the form of the Green Deal.

But no form of wall insulation, including external wall insulation, is without its challenges — not least of which is dealing with moisture.

The Issue of Moisture Penetration

The potential exists for moisture to enter a wall from both sides: rain on the external skin and moisture from people and the activities they undertake (cooking, drying clothes, washing, breathing, etc.) on the internal skin.

Prior to the widespread introduction of the cavity wall, the housebuilder generally had a choice to build either an impermeable wall that stops moisture penetration to both

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Wall Decor Market : Industry Development Scenario and Forecast to 2025

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Mar 05, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) —
Global Wall Decor Market to reach USD 78.59 billion by 2025. Global Wall Decor Market valued approximately USD 60.69 billion in 2016 is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 3.26% over the forecast period 2018-2025. Rapid increasing popularity of creative interior designing is the key factor driving the growth of the Global Wall Decor Market. Furthermore, the offices, homes, clubs have been inclined towards creative interior designing, the trend of giving the Wall decor products as a gift in festival seasons and special occasions, change in the lifestyle and preferences of the consumers, changing taste are aiding to the growth of the Market. Wall Decor refers to the enhancement of the interior of a building to provide a pleasing environment inside it. Wall Decor involves an imperious

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Bathroom Wall Mirrors, Full Length Mirror, Frameless Wall Mirrors

Made In USA


We have wide range of Readymade and Custom Cut Wall Mirrors

Frameless Mirrors Shape

LED Wall Mirrors

Decorative Wall Mirrors Shapes

Other Products

Frameless Wall Mirrors

Frameless wall mirrors add color to your guest room or family gathering spaces. The designs of
frameless mirrors are exotic and classy as well. These durable wall hangings are available in many
styles: Octagon Mirrors, Arch Wall Mirrors, and Wavy Wall Mirrors. A simple Frameless bathroom
mirror is remarkable option for a budget friendly interior décor. Especially, If you’re working with
small bathing space, so there you can hang full-length frameless bathroom mirror, that will help to
reflect the light heading out the door. Maximize your room’s style with a well-placed large wall
mirror. Most

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Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation


To understand the necessity of reducing energy cost.


The student will learn the insulation values associated with different materials used on exterior walls.


Insulation has the ability to store heat which slows down the amount of time it takes heat to move through the wall. The insulation value of the wall materials and their thickness determines heat flow in the wall.

The insulating properties of a material is measured in R-Values. The R-Value is the measure of resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the more of a barrier it is to heat penetration.

The total R-Value for a wall can be found by adding the R-Value of each type material used in the wall. Even a thin film of air on the interior and exterior of the wall has some
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Exterior Wall Headers | JLC Online

When our company began building high-performance homes regularly in the late 1980s, we looked for ways to use as little wood in exterior walls as possible while still maintaining a strong frame. Until then, we framed headers for window and door openings like most framers in our area—a double 2×12 with a 1/2-inch plywood spacer for a 2×4 wall. With the header installed directly below the double 2×4 top plate on an 8-foot-high wall, the bottom of the header put the finished window head jamb at about 6 feet 10 inches off the finished floor.

Same openings—different treatments. The openings in the upright wall use a rimboard header, while the nonbearing gable end wall on the slab doesn’t need a header.
Same openings—different treatments. The openings in the upright wall use a rimboard header, while the nonbearing gable end wall on the slab doesn’t need a header.

Like a number of progressive builders, we experimented with reducing the size of the lumber and the number of plies used to build headers based on the loads they

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Bathroom Materials | Bathroom Wall Material

A clean, well-planned, and stunning bathroom is every homeowner’s goal. But creating it can be a bit of a sticky wicket.

All that water, humidity, and artificial lighting, and those tight corners make the space a real challenge. Don’t make it worse by wasting money on materials that won’t withstand the task or will need replacing when they don’t work out. Dodge bad bathroom decisions by avoiding these five things:

#1 Wallpaper

Bathroom with red wallpaper

Image: Iriana Shiyan/Shutterstock

In a high-steam area such as a bathroom, wallpaper may start to peel in a few years, according to some designers. In fact, steam is used to strip old wallpaper off walls.

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19+ Beautiful Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Decoration

Well, we all have dreamt of our own customized house and we often ignore decorating the most vital part of the house, the kitchen. The kitchen is one of our favorite places in the house where we get to eat tasty, delicious food dishes. We should decorate it in the best manner possible and must not keep it plain and simple. Kitchen walls are one of the components that we can easily decorate and enhance the look and beauty of the kitchen with it. We have brought today some good ideas for kitchen wall decor ideas that you must have a look at and select the ones that you liked the most.

Let us check out these kitchen wall decor now. 

1. Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

kitchen wall decor ideas


As soon as you enter the kitchen, imagine your eyes getting stuck to the most important word: “EAT”. This technique makes

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High-Strength Exterior Wall Cladding – Architect’s Top Choice

Fibre Cement Panels are panels that are composed of sand, cement and cellulose fibres which act as reinforcement. These panels are used as an external cladding material in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Fibre cement sheet or Fibre Cement board as it is frequently referred to, normally come in the form of planks and panels along with various texture details. Fibre cement planks are made to mimic longer wooden planks and are frequently used in place of the latter. Panels are larger in size than planks, commonly measuring 4 ft x 8 ft.  They are used to cover a broader surface area per piece and are often employed in place of vertical cladding siding & exterior cladding panels.

Properties of fibre cement cladding

One of the most sought after attributes of Fibre cement is its dimensional stability. In other words, Fibre Cement cladding’s do not contract and expand, unlike other

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Newdecor 3D Wall Arts & 3Dpanels


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