Top Bathroom Trends of 2020

top bathroom trends 2020


Oh, the joys of the new year. January 1st has become our opportunity for a reboot, and arbitrary as it may be (why not July 12th?), it’s a time to leave behind what’s bad and embrace what’s new and good. And if you—like us—can’t imagine tackling a full renovation in one shot, a perfect place to start is in your bathroom. Whether you’ve finally had it with those pink subway tiles (the ones you pledged to rip out when you moved in), or are finally ready to bid adieu to that horribly leaky faucet (you know the one), there’s endless design inspiration to kick-start your bathroom remodel.

From petite powder rooms to sprawling master baths, we asked some of our favorite designers about the bathroom trends they predict will dominate this year. Read on for the top 2020 bathroom trends we’re loving so far.

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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends 2020 (Photo+Video)

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the entire house. This is where the magic happens. Kitchen design 2020 is all about improvements. Modern technology and classical styles and stylistic approaches will make the best modern kitchen 2020.

kitchen design 2020

Appealing combinations of contrasting colors will make the uniqueness stand out. Various textile solutions will also work with spotless finishes perfectly.

kitchen ideas 2020

In order for the kitchen ideas 2020 to be among the most stunning works of art, you should consider fusion. As much of it as possible. Kitchen decor 2020 creators have gathered up a list of tricks and tips for you to use. Meanwhile, the manufacturers who provide the materials for those ideas to become reality have their own suggestions.

Continue with our article to be aware of the latest kitchen design trends 2020.

Live kitchen design 2020

As we have already mentioned, kitchen is one of the most

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12 Top Trends in Basement Design for 2020 | Home Remodeling Contractors

[Plus a Bonus8].

Trend #3. Enclosed Theater Rooms vs. Open TV Spaces

Top Trends in Basement Design - Sebring Services

When it comes to designing a basement media room, homeowners have two options; an enclosed theater room or an open TV space. A theater room is generally for the real enthusiast.  They want all the adornments that would enhance the experience: enclosed walls, plush reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound, LED floor lighting and maybe even a popcorn machine.  An open TV space is more casual and much more cost effective to set up. It actually feels more like a living room because it resembles a typical living room with media equipment added.

The traditional theater room has been the dream for most homeowners. But considering the cost and stress of setting one up and the increasing appeal of open concept design, 2019 will see more homeowners opting for open TV spaces.

They could even be integrated

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10 Interior Design Trends for 2020

It may be time to update your decor.

A marble beige painting and a sunburst golden mirror on a gray wall with molding in a stylish living room interior with a velvet, powder pink sofa and retro furniture

(Getty Images)

You may not be moving into a new house in 2020, but you can make your home feel new again by taking stock of each room and updating the design. You may want to make your living room more functional by finding a better furniture layout, brighten up a guest bedroom with new paint or go big with a full renovation of your kitchen for a more modern style. To make any design changes a success, however, you’ll want to know what styles will become more popular in 2020 and what fads are on their way out. Here are 10 interior design trends to consider in 2020.

Updated on Dec. 6, 2019: This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated with new information.

Zen dens break up floor plans.

Zen dens break up floor plans.

Hygge, Zuhause, Entspannung, Muenchen, Bayern, Deutschland


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Bathroom Photo Gallery – 2016 Trends, Designs and Colors


Bathroom Design Pictures

top bath designs




Here are just a few of the many questions you will want to talk over before you make your final bathroom floor plans. Using a bathroom photo gallery is the first step in planning a fabulous bathroom design.

Should you plan your bathroom to meet the special needs of the children or sick or older members of the family? Will you use your new bathroom as a washroom for both indoor and outdoor activity, or can you build a separate washroom? Will there be a morning rush on the bathroom? Perhaps you need a bathroom that several persons can use at one time and still have privacy. Exploring bathroom pictures to plan your renovation is first for how to design bathroom. Bathroom designs with pictures are vital when choosing fixtures, once bathroom fixtures are in, they are

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Beautiful Exterior Home Design Trends

Over the last few months of traveling to different cities in the U.S. touring parade homes, meeting with builders and walking through new communities/developments, I can’t tell you how excited I am to share with you some of the beautiful exterior home design trends that I have been seeing in new construction.

Exterior Home Design Trends

Whether you have plans to build in the short-term, remodel or enjoy seeing the trends (like me), today’s post is loaded with some absolutely incredible exterior designs that I think you guys are going to love and hopefully be inspired by in some way.

Exterior Home Trends. Stone homes

Reclaimed wood garage doors. Exterior home trends

Let’s jump into the latest exterior trends!

Painted Brick

Painted brick on exterior


Painted brick exterior. Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

I wanted to start off with the biggest (and most surprising trend) that I have been seeing the last few months is the surge of painted brick exteriors.  While painted brick is certainly not a new trend and over the past few years, we have

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12 Interior Design Trends We’ll See In 2020

If there is one way to describe the interior design trends we will see more of in 2020, it’s anything goes. While signature the looks of 2019 and the early aughts like accent walls and all-white kitchens won’t be going away entirely, they will certainly evolve in the upcoming years.

I spoke with several experts, interior and furniture designers who all emphasized that when it comes to design in the next decade, individuality will be extremely important. Those into crafting, DIY design, or commissioning custom pieces, will likely have lots of projects to take on in the New Year.

Off-Trend Will Be On Trend

Tired of seeing the same styles over and over again? So is everyone else. Los Angeles based interior designer Delta Wright says overall anything “uber-unique” will shine in the upcoming decade. “[We will see] highly crafted, unusual materials

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7 Home Decor Startup Trends to Watch

7 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Home decor is quickly becoming an “it” industry in 2015. Once dominated by big-box retailers and independent interior designers, the home decor industry is undergoing a sea change and a few innovative startups are leading the charge.

Home furnishings shoppers used to start with the likes of Ikea, graduate to, say, West Elm and eventually dabble in Williams-Sonoma or Restoration Hardware. Now with tools like Pinterest and design blogs providing endless inspiration and access, there are a lot more choices, variety and experimentation. 

And creating a coherent, polished yet personalized aesthetic no longer requires an expert eye, bundles of free time or a hefty disposable income.

Entrepreneurs have entered the decor game and things are heating up.

Home furnishings is a $79 billion industry, according to IBIS World as of December, and that space is attracting

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2019 Home Decor Trends: Southwestern Decor Is the New Boho

Scroll To See More Images

Bohemian decor has long offered us a way to make our homes feel simultaneously warmer, more welcoming and more interesting. But according to Etsy’s 2019 trend report, a new 2019 home decor trend will be taking the interior-design world by storm in the coming months: Southwestern decor, a.k.a. decor inspired by the Southwestern portion of the United States.

Southwestern home decor feels a lot like bohemian home decor in that it involves mixed-and-matched prints, earthy textiles and intricately carved wooden pieces. It departs, however, in palette, pattern and style.

Where bohemian decor is about rich and vibrant jewel tones, Southwestern decor takes advantage of more washed-out shades—like periwinkle, apricot and beige. Where bohemian prints feel organic, Southwestern prints feel a little crisper; stripes and triangles trump florals and paisleys. And where bohemian decor is curvy, drapey and loose, Southwestern decor is a little more staid;

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Etsy Announces 2020 Home Decor Trends

Image credit: SecretsAndThings 

Every year at this time, Etsy releases a home decor trend guide, and this year’s trends are all about decorating with individuality top of mind. From pieces that incorporate unexpected materials – like resin and burl wood – to accents that highlight the unique shapes in nature – like seashell and bee motifs – the top decor trends encourage adding character and personality to our spaces. So whether shoppers are sprucing up a corner of a room or a home office, or redecorating the whole house, here are the trends they need to know about this year. 

Redefined resin

One of the freshest and most creative trends we’re seeing this year is resin home decor. On Etsy, there has been a 62% increase in searches for resin items within the home and living category in the last six months* and we’re seeing it show up everywhere

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