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With Construction Specialties’ Sun Controls, Sun Shades and Daylight Systems, your design can take on intricate patterns, sleek textures, vivid colors and even LED lighting—all while promoting lower energy costs and reduced glare, and allowing filtered light to enter interiors and occupants to see out. Choose the right Sun Controls from of a variety of blades, outriggers, fascias and mounting options. Orient Sun Controls horizontally or vertically. Finish them with a variety of powder-coat finishes or add a flourish with LED lighting. With CS Sun Controls, your daylight management solution is truly yours.


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Mounted perpendicular, best option for southern and western exposures.

To get

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Exterior Sun Shades

Oasis Exterior Window Solar Shades

Blocking the sun before it enters a window is the most effective way to reduce heat gain. Exterior sun shades roll down when you need heat protection and roll up when you don’t.

Oasis® 2900 exterior sun shades keep homes cool!

Oasis solar screen sun shades over windows and patio doorOasis® 2900 Exterior Sun Shades are the perfect window solution for extreme sun exposures. Exterior solar screen sun shades reduce heat gain significantly through windows and door while lowering energy costs for air conditioning. Oasis 2900 Exterior Window Shades utilize a zipper system in the side track to hold the fabric in place.

Oasis 2900 zipper system is also utilized as retractable insect screen

Exterior sun shades block the sun, before it enters the window

exterior window shade seen from the interior of the house
Oasis Exterior Window Shades seen from home’s interior

Utilizing a European concept, exterior solar window shades mount on the outside of the windows. Mounting shades on the

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