Stop Buying These 17 Things and Make Them Yourself

With our busy lives, it often seems easier to buy the things we need rather than make them. But some of the things you regularly use or consume can be made from scratch relatively quickly and for a fraction of the cost of store-bought.

Check out these 17 things money-saving experts recommend you should stop buying because you can make them on your own — without a big time commitment — for much less. Then, decide what to do with all that cash because these easy DIYs will save you tons of money.


Last updated: April 26, 2018

1. Bread

If bread is a staple in your house, you can dramatically reduce the cost by making your own.

“My family likes to eat healthy, organic foods, and I was spending close to $5 per loaf at the grocery store on fancy, pre-made whole wheat bread with no high-fructose

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How to Stop Condensation on Bathroom Walls

A bathroom is a humid environment, and condensation on the walls is a common problem. However, you can learn how to stop condensation on bathroom walls using a few easy tips and some useful products. Keep on reading to understand how to fix this problem.

Why Does Condensation Happen in the Bathroom?

Condensation is the accumulation of water droplets on a surface. When the warm air hits a cold surface, it turns to water. This is why it’s common to see water problems in the bathroom, especially after taking a hot shower. This phenomenon can lead to a lot of problems.

foggy bathroom window

  • Condensation can affect the paint in your bathroom. Paint chips and breaks, so you need to repaint the bathroom.
  • Excessive humidity can be trapped inside the walls, causing the tiles to break.
  • The water creates a suitable environment for the growth of mold spores that can lead to a
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Bad Cooking Habits You Need to Stop Now

You defrost food incorrectly

You defrost food incorrectly

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It’s important to always keep in mind your health and the health of those you are cooking for when preparing dishes. If you’re defrosting your meat by leaving it out on the counter or in hot water, you’re going to want to alter your behavior now. You’re putting yourself at risk for food poisoning by defrosting that way, as it easily puts food in the “danger zone” range of 40 to 140 degrees, temperatures at which bacteria begin to multiply rapidly.

How to defrost food correctly

How to defrost food correctly

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You overheat or don’t preheat your pan

You overheat or don’t preheat your pan

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If you start cooking in a cold pan or get your pan smoking hot every time you make dinner and wonder why your meat cooks unevenly, that too-cold or too-hot pan could be why. For instance, to cook bacon

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