How to recreate the hot 2020 pink bathroom trend in Animal Crossing

Video games have long been sandboxes for those looking to sample interior design trends (oh Sims, you and your endless carpet swatches taught us so much). Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one such experience, giving you an entire house to spruce up using whatever knick knacks you can find.

If you want to recreate one of 2020’s hottest trends, read on for six tips that’ll help you design the perfect pink bathroom in Animal Crossing.

Design pink indoor decking to play with levels

a bedroom with a green door: (Image credit: Animal Crossing)

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(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

One of the quickest ways to take your bathroom to the – ahem – next level is to build a raised indoor platform. Animal Crossing includes a customisation app on the NookPhone, so you can install floor tiles that you’ve either designed yourself or downloaded from another player. 

This pink decking by Yamaji Maya (Creator ID: MA-8569-4772-9405) is

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25 Glam Pink And Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

glam pink and gold bathroom decor ideas cover

If you love glam, if you enjoy girlish spaces, if you are all about cute décor, you will enjoy today’s roundup for sure as it’s dedicated to pink and gold bathrooms. If you ask me, I can’t imagine a better combo than pink and gold/brass, they are rather unusual for a bathroom but are sure to create a welcoming and inviting space. How to pull this color scheme off? Let’s find it out.

Colors And Styles

Pink and gold or brass is a clear thing – you can rock all kinds of pink from neon to pale pink and blush to make your space look as you want. Blush, light pink, dusty pink, pale pink will make the bathroom delicate, airy and chic, and bright shades of pink will bring lively vibes and a bold contemporary feel. Gold will add more shine and will make the spaces more modern, and

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7 Ways To Incorporate Pink Home Decor

pink accents interior design

When you think about the color pink, do you think of little kids in tutus or refined pink home decor? It’s more likely that most will think of the former. Barbies, playrooms, fashion runways, and lipstick have taken over pink and given many the idea that it can’t be used for anything except frilly, super feminine, and child-centered purposes. Pink is a more versatile color than most people give it credit for. Using pink home decor doesn’t automatically define a space as “girly.” Depending on how you stage it, your home can successfully and effortlessly display unique pink decor. If bright colors, in general, are your design style, our Spring Inspired Interior Design Trends post will give you even more inspiration. Continue reading for the top 7 ways to incorporate pink home decor into any space.

1. One Bold Pink Decor Piece

How to Incorporate Pink Decor into your home corine m

Living room design by Decorilla online interior designer,

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