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The workplace has transformed. No longer confined to traditional work settings, many people, especially this time of year, may be opting to not only work at home but outdoors. How do you create both the ideal work environment and perhaps a sense of peace? Many homeowners are now investing in both their indoor and outdoor environments to more easily both work and relax in the comfort of their own homes.

Looking for ideas? Here are some functional options to help improve overall tranquility and well-being.

1. Build a pond. Ponds have long been an ideal source for calm. Add seating and a remote outdoor workspace, and a pond can be a source of both relaxation and creative inspiration.

2. Add a hammock. Hammocks can be a potential location to read documents or take a phone call.

3. Create a spa. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, a spa will help

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Office Interior Design Dubai | Top Interior Design Firm Dubai

interiors designed to function

Interiors.R.US is a professional Dubai based Design and Fit-Out company with in-house Joinery facilities to make the concept designs a reality.

With more than a decade of experience in both interior design and production, we design interiors knowing the practicalities – an understanding that “form follows function”. We design interiors Knowing the practicalities of production and the stresses of everyday use. We are a professional, qualified turnkey solutions Within company who are well conversant with the entire design and the fit out process.

We can help you with anything from planning your inner designing and making furniture buying Decisions, facia to fabricating and installing fittings. Our track record Proves That We Have Been successful in providing the fit out solutions for diverse indoor environs.

With newer ideas and business concepts making space in the market, entrepreneurs and companies are also looking at sophisticated and innovative workspaces

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2 hidden details in ‘The Office’ you’ve probably never noticed

If you’ve rewatched The Office more than once, you’ve likely picked up on some Easter eggs or noticed certain filming consistencies and wondered whether or not they were intentional.

On the latest episode of the , former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey talked about two of these instances and shed some real light on just how high the attention to detail was on set.

The episode Fischer and Kinsey discussed was Season 2, Episode 21, “Conflict Resolution.” It shows everyone getting their photo taken for an ID badge, and also follows Michael who’s made it his mission to sort through Toby’s stack of employee complaints and resolve all the issues in the office. But it also features two details that only the most attune fans will pick up on.

The first is that Jim Halpert seems to be the only member of the team whose talking heads are filmed

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Top Office Interior Designers In Singapore | Singapore Interior Design Firm

Top Office Interior Designers In Singapore | Singapore Interior Design Firm – SI

  • Interior Design

    Interior decoration & Space planning

  • Turn-Key Renovation

    Commercial renovation fitting outs works

  • Open plan system furniture

    Open plan system furnitures & workstations

  • MESH Chairs

    Ergonomic mesh chairs with adjustable features

  • Interior Fittings

    Interior decoration & Space planning

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Commercial & Corporate Office Interior Design Company in Singapore

As a competent and seasoned commercial interior design company based in Singapore, we believe that a productive workplace is the heart of a successful business. These spaces need to be conducive for the meeting-of-minds and for tasks to be accomplished. At the same time, they need to blend into rest areas where staff can relax, unwind and recharge for the journey ahead. This is where our interior design services for commercial and industry offices in Singapore come in.

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Earnest Designer & Project Pte Ltd is your local commercial and industrial interior design specialist in Singapore. We build our brand reputation on stunning and aesthetic interior design as well as functional and practical furnishings that make the working space more liveable and breathable. Our services in Singapore include strategic facilities planning, cost planning, design management as well as project management.


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Office | Interior Design Projects

Custom workstations by Daysi Design, with task chairs by Cavaletti, form rows in front of two phone booths with Erwin Zaidowicz’s wallpaper by JVN Products. Photography by Eduardo Macarios

It can tough, after graduation, to know what kind of work you’d like to do—and where you’d like to do it. For recent architecture and urban planning graduates in Curitiba, Brazil, there’s now a good solution for the second dilemma: Atelier 1901. Architects Ismael Gustavo Zanardini and Thatiane Botto de Barros, partners at Studio BaZa Architecture and Interior Design, conceived the 2,200-square-foot project as a hub. “We are a community,” says Zanardini, “a space for collaboration and exchange of experiences.”

Custom wall tiles by Rômulo Lass reproduce the geography of Praça Osório, the 1940s square in front of the building. Photography by Eduardo Macarios.

Located in a 1940s building just off Praça Osório, the space mixes 21st-century co-working

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Stone Gifts – Elegant Nature Inspired Home & Office Decor

Stonegifts bring you the highest quality natural slate decor and stone gifts.

Boulder, Colorado Artist and Craftsman, Charles Mason, has created a unique collection of rustic home decor and handcrafted gifts from natural stone, slate and organic patina metal.

All gifts are carefully etched and feature Wildlife, Western, Kanji, Zen, Nature and Southwest inspired designs.

Whether you want to decorate your country home, office, cabin, lodge or patio; Stonegifts offers a wide variety of stone accents including Coasters, Trivets, Candle Holders, Thermometers, Vases, Picture Frames, Welcome Signs, Wall Art, Switch/Outlet Plate Covers, Coaster Sets and more.

Decorating with slate brings subtle and classical rustic beauty that can only be found in nature; No resins, plastics or faux materials are used to create these truly one of a kind gifts.

The team at Stonegifts thank you for your ongoing support which enabels us to continue offering a variety of Timeless, Natural,

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