How to Design a Bathroom With Color | Home Guides

Orange and blue are a good combination for a high-contrast theme.

The small size of most bathrooms makes them excellent areas to play with color. While a bright or dark color scheme might overwhelm a large room, the bathroom’s close confines keep color under control. If you prefer a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere, muted, natural tones feel calm, but don’t have enough space to become boring. The best thing about trying out new color schemes in the bathroom is that if you don’t like the finished look, you can paint the room over again in a day.

Bright Feels Right

If your bathroom is small and poorly lit, as many are, the judicious use of bright colors can give it a cheery, open appearance. To keep the look exuberant, not riotous, use bright accessories against a backdrop of white or another soft neutral. Picture walls painted a soft gray, sand, creamy white or palest sage, sparked by bright towels, a gaily patterned

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How to Use Beadboard for Bathroom Walls | Home Guides

Beadboard is a type of wall board originally made out of individual pieces of wood that locked together in a tongue and groove fitting. The boards were installed vertically around the room, typically as wainscoting. Today’s beadboard is available in the same tongue and groove fitting, as well as in large panels that have the vertical lines tooled on by machines. This classic look can be added to any room of the home, including the bathroom, to bring instant style and detail to the space.

Plain Wainscoting

Depending on the amount of beadboard that will be visible in the bathroom, as well as the style you prefer, one of the most versatile looks to create with beadboard in the bathroom is a simple wainscot. By running the beadboard at waist height throughout the room, you add a cohesive wall design to the entire space. This leaves the walls above the

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How to Install a 36-Inch Exterior Wooden Screen Door | Home Guides

A homeowner with basic carpentry skills and tools can save the cost of a professional by installing a 36-inch wooden screen door. Manufactured doors designed for installation in a wooden doorjamb are available in stain-grade and paint-grade finishes at many home centers and door outlets. The doors come with an accessory kit that includes wood screws, butt hinges, a handle and a door closer.

Sizing the Door

Stand the screen door on one of the long edges where the hinges will install. Determine the top and bottom of the door by comparing the sizes of the wooden frames across each end. The narrow frame is at the top of the door and the wider frame is at the bottom. Measure 7 inches from the outer edge of the top frame, and mark the location of the upper hinge on the long edge of the door. Measure 11 inches from the

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How to Remodel a Handicapped Bathroom | Home Guides

Making a bathroom accessible to people who have a disability can greatly improve their quality of life within the home. Bathrooms have specific challenges for those who use wheelchairs or walkers, or who have mobility problems. Solving these problems during a remodel can help to make the bathroom more user-friendly and accessible for elderly or handicapped members of the household.

Entry and Turning Radius

If you are modifying the bathroom for a person who uses a wheelchair or a walker, make sure the doorway to the bathroom is large enough for her to enter comfortably. Typically, this means expanding the doorway to about 36 inches wide to accommodate a turn from a hallway into the bathroom. Additionally, once inside the bathroom, the person using a walker or wheelchair needs enough space to turn around completely. This turning radius is typically 60 inches of clear space in the center of the

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How to Paint With Silver Interior Wall Paint | Home Guides

Dramatic silver paint gives walls a reflective quality, creating the illusion of increased space and light in any room. The process of applying metallic paint is similar to most other interior paint applications, but an extra undercoat of black paint and overcoat of metallic glaze can lower the silver’s intensity while increasing the metallic look and hiding lap lines. Because metallic paints have a tendency to show brush lines, it is best to use foam brushes and rollers or a paint sprayer to avoid them.

Wash the wall with a solution of 2 tablespoons dish soap to a gallon of warm water, using a sponge or rag. This will eliminate grease and dirt that could prevent paint from adhering to the wall.

Scrape off paint drips from the old paint with a putty knife. Sand the wall lightly to create a smooth and rough surface. Wipe away dust with a

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How to Build a Round Interior Soffit | Home Guides

Interior soffits typically enclose the space above kitchen cabinets or hide main drainpipes in basements. They can also be adapted to provide an intriguing, rarely seen architectural detail for the ceiling of a Northern California-style home theater or living room. A round ceiling soffit can add a sense of drama and contribute to the value of your property.

Cut a 4-by-8-foot sheet of 3/8-inch plywood into two 4-by-4 sheets with a circular saw or table saw. Lay a half sheet of the plywood on a flat work surface. Mark the center point of the 4-by-4-foot sheet with an “X” using a carpenter’s pencil. Hammer a nail into this “X” so that most of the nail projects above the sheet. Measure and mark on the plywood another single “X” with a circle around it to indicate the radius desired for the plywood support for your soffit, up to 2 feet from

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Interior Designs for a Living Room With an Ivory-Colored Sectional | Home Guides

Ivory-colored sectionals provide a starting point for room design.

A living room design that includes an ivory sectional has instant impact. Sectionals provide sweeping lines and generous seating, which encourages conversations, entertaining and relaxation. A living room with a large, open floor plan gives a sectional the space it deserves, with freedom of movement from every direction.

Space, Size and Subtle Color

Approach the living room space from a designer’s perspective to achieve stunning results. Consider the visual scale and proportion of the overall space, including ceiling height, room dimensions, window sizes and paint colors. Architectural elements, such as fireplaces, lighting sources and flooring materials, play a part in overall room design. Determine how much weight the sectional exhibits in the living room to set the pace for adding color. A spacious feeling is easily achieved with a monochromatic color scheme that layers subtle tone-on-tone shades of ivory with off-white, cream and beige. To give the sectional more definition,

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Greek & Roman Style Home Interior Decorating | Home Guides

The ancient Greeks emphasized a style of home decor rooted in simplicity and inspired by the colors of nature. While the Romans were greatly influenced by the earlier Greek style, they added a touch of extravagance and detail to the austere Greek decor. To create a Greek or Roman-inspired style in your home, draw on natural materials and colors, and focus on creating a sense of balance and proportion in your living space.


From ancient times to today, Greek and Roman design emphasizes colors drawn from the natural landscape. In Roman design, you’ll find plenty of earth tones, from rich terra cotta to brown or burnt orange. Greek design is characterized by sharp contrast, particularly when it comes to pairing shades of blue and white. For instance, the whitewashed walls found in so many Greek homes may be paired with accents or fabrics in shades of turquoise or navy.

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How to Decorate a Luxury Home Interior | Home Guides

What really sets luxury home interiors apart from ordinary home interiors, besides money, are the details. A luxury interior is a feast for the eyes with layers of visually stimulating colors, textures and forms. Although the aesthetic appeal of luxury furnishings and décor is of high importance, function still reigns as the most important element. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure luxury furnishings will perform as good as they look. Luxury is also defined individually, by each person’s individual needs and desires.


Among the top choices for flooring materials, hardwood floors fit beautifully in any type of decorating style. Top quality wood species include Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Birch and Acacia. Luxury homes often feature wood floors with decorative patterns known as parquet floors. Additional upscale embellishments often added to luxury hardwood flooring include stone inlays and floor medallions. Other high-end flooring options include leather floor tiles, stone tiles,

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How to Put Decorative Stucco & Rocks on an Exterior Concrete Brick Wall | Home Guides

While a plain concrete brick wall is sturdy and serviceable, it’s not exactly the most attractive addition to your home and may call for some customization. Stucco is a durable surface treatment that covers concrete block or bricks with little preparation. There are several finishing techniques that provide attractive textures in plain stucco, but it can still need some enhancement when you want a look that makes a bolder statement. One of these methods is to decorate the stucco with rocks.

Inspect the wall. It must be clean and in good condition. Make any necessary repairs before you start your work..

Apply thin strips of wood, 3/8 inch thick, to the top and bottom of your concrete brick wall with masonry nails. You might need more if your wall is very tall; these strips enable you to smooth out your work to a uniform thickness later.

Apply a concrete bonding

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