Hilary Duff shares her home with Architectural Digest

When it comes to her home’s interior design, Hilary Duff decided dark colors were so yesterday.

The “Younger” actor showed off her bright and cheery Los Angeles home in an exclusive feature with Architectural Digest.

“I painted my front door this beautiful blush color,” she told the publication. “I was ready — to get rid of some of the dark colors, to move away from everything being so tonal, and to lighten up a lot of the furniture.”

Hilary Duff sits in her bathroom, which is like her own private sanctuary (she even takes guitar lessons in there!)Jenna Peffley / Architectural Digest

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Her Beverly Hills home has had two remodels since she’s lived there for close to a decade. The latest comes after “a couple of big life changes — a divorce, a

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Amy Astley, Architectural Digest Editor-In-Chief, Discusses The Pandemic’s Lasting Impact On The Home, Design And The Magazine Industry

When publishing giant Condé Nast closed its storied One World Trade Center headquarters on March 11, Amy Astley assumed she’d be back in her 26th-floor office within a matter of weeks. Having served as Architectural Digest’s editor-in-chief since 2016 and the founding editor of Teen Vogue for a decade before that, she had never been away from her post for long, and the prospect of leaving, her return date unknown, felt wholly unnatural. Nonetheless, the health and safety of her team was top priority, so she collected her things, instructed others to do the same, and headed home with a plan to run the magazine’s operations remotely. Six months later, Astley is still at home—albeit her summer cottage on Long Island’s North Fork—but since leaving her office in March, she’s closed five issues, set multiple records for single-day subscriptions and monthly social media engagement, and overseen the

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Watch Casey Neistat and Candice Pool Quiz Each Other On Home Design & Family Life | Architectural Digest Video


I see you brought your sunglasses too.


Well, I thought I’d wear them


because like you know, sunglasses are my thing.


I’m Candice and this is Casey


and we are here to do the design quiz.


So, let’s get started.


You sure you’re not uncomfortable


with all this eye contact?


What was the best–


I didn’t know you had brown eyes!


What was the best party we’ve ever hosted in this house?


It was that night that everybody was in the pool


and we were drinking that Rose aperitif or whatever


and it just got crazy, the kids were asleep.


It got crazy for you,


I was the one taking care of our children.


That was a fun time. That was fun.


Okay, this is a good one.


Where in the

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