Your Newest Storage and Interior Design Hack? Ladder Bookcases. Here Are Some of Our Favorites.

Whether it’s for a sprawling classic book collection, a scented candle obsession or a pile of odds and ends you can’t bring yourself to get rid of — we’re all always trying to find creative ways to store our stuff. We know what Marie Kondo would say about our borderline-hoarding habits but no matter how hard we try, we can’t bring ourselves to be minimalist. And you know what? That’s okay.

Rather than getting rid of the stuff you don’t have space to store, it’s time to get creative about where your belongings live in your home, and use up the space you have sitting right in front of you. Ladder bookshelves use up vertical space in your home without taking up any nearly any floor space and look great while doing it. They’re a simple item of furniture that will blend in and compliment a wide range of decor

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Design Recipes: Ideas for the perfect outdoor home office – Lifestyle –

The workplace has transformed. No longer confined to traditional work settings, many people, especially this time of year, may be opting to not only work at home but outdoors. How do you create both the ideal work environment and perhaps a sense of peace? Many homeowners are now investing in both their indoor and outdoor environments to more easily both work and relax in the comfort of their own homes.

Looking for ideas? Here are some functional options to help improve overall tranquility and well-being.

Build a pond

Ponds have long been an ideal source for calm. Add seating and a remote outdoor workspace, and a pond can be a source of both relaxation and creative inspiration.

Add a hammock

Hammocks can be a potential location to read documents or take a

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ADA-Compliant Design Is Paving the Way for Accessible Design

Think of the 1990s, and visions of neon colors, scrunchies, and blow-up furniture might come to mind. But 1990 also brought us one of the most significant and impactful laws affecting design: the Americans With Disabilities Act, more commonly known as ADA.

Although it was more broadly a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability, it also transformed the way buildings were designed across the United States, requiring equal access for those with disabilities to public spaces, transportation, commercial buildings, and places of recreation and respite, like restaurants, hotels, and schools.

In residential design, it had a lasting impact on kitchens and bathrooms in particular, which had notoriously been spaces that were hard to navigate for people with a range of disabilities. For someone in a wheelchair, for example, upper cabinets in a kitchen are often out of reach, and to someone with visual impairments, the lighting and

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Rare hotel featuring inclusive design opens in Amherst | Local News

Uniland in 2018 won $1.15 million in incentives from the Amherst Industrial Development Agency by arguing the project qualified as a tourism destination. The developer later bought the property from the town.

Uniland from the beginning set out to design a hotel that could better accommodate sled-hockey players and other athletes with disabilities.

Universal, or inclusive, design is different than accessible design, said Levine of UB’s IDEA Center. Accessibility is a minimum standard and can be an afterthought in the design process.

The standard also usually centers on people with mobility or vision impairment and doesn’t address the needs of people with, for example, cognitive disabilities, colorblindness, chemical sensitivity, she said.

“Accessibility is not good enough and as designers we need to go beyond that,” Levine said.

There are no standard Hampton rooms in the hotel at 1601 Amherst Manor Drive. Seven of the 107 rooms are fully accessible, as

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Burns & McDonnell Teams Up With The Columbus Architectural Studio to Deliver State-of-the-Art Design of Columbus Crew SC Training Facility

The facility will contain amenities such as a weight room, player lounge, recovery room, training room, hydrotherapy area and full-service kitchen and dining space. Unique design features include:

  • Both the First Team and Academy players will each have dedicated locker rooms, player lounges, training and equipment space.
  • The space was designed to evoke a strong sense of team pride, incorporating the team’s branding and colors into all aspects.
  • It is the only MLS facility to convert a soccer specific stadium into a larger training complex
  • Daylight and visual connections to the exterior, with all heavily occupied spaces along the pitch featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing users and visitors to feel connected whether they are inside or out.

“The development of our OhioHealth Performance Center has been a true team effort,” says Tim Bezbatchenko, president and general manager of Columbus Crew SC. “It’s been incredible to be an integrated part of

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What Is Community Design And How Can It Build Brave Spaces With Heart

Sloan Leo is a Community Building Strategist & Systems Designer. They are the Director of Social Impact at The Vaid Group, as well as proud poodle parent to Riley Leo. We had a conversation about community design, and how asking simple questions can bring heart back into our work to bring justice.

Nell Derick Debevoise: Tell me about community design.

Sloan Leo: Community design is a funny little term and it’s so right, it got me really excited about design. Let me share some background on why.

Six years ago, I was working in a big nonprofit. It was exciting to be part of a highly-functioning, 300+ million dollar organization. But I realized I still didn’t feel very good. I couldn’t figure out why – I asked myself, is it racism? Is it homophobia and transphobia? Am I bad at

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GHBA Remodelers Council: Here are some shower design trends for 2020 and beyond


Whether you are adding a new shower in your bathroom or updating an old shower, walk-in showers with glass doors are still very popular.

When you are planning the project, you and your shower glass professional need to discuss what type of shower enclosure and glass doors will best meet your lifestyle.

The exact dimensions of your shower space will be needed, as well as how much room you have between the shower and other fixtures, and the amount of time you want to invest in daily cleanup.

 Frameless clear glass enclosures are still the most popular choice for showers. A protective coating can be added to protect the glass from hardwater and soap scum.

Frameless glass makes a space feel modern, larger and open. Clear glass allows you to showcase tilework, and beautiful hardware inside

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Theory Design creating interior design for Bal Harbour model at Hill Tide Estates


Theory Design’s Vice President of Design Ruta Menaghlazi is creating the interior design for Seagate Development Group’s furnished Bal Harbour model now under construction at Hill Tide Estates, a 9.98-acre gated enclave on the southern tip of Boca Grande being developed by Seagate. The Bal Harbour is one of three models available for purchase at Hill Tide Estates.  Seagate’s completed Captiva model is open for viewing and also features an interior design by Ruta Menaghlazi.  Theory Design was named recipient of a 2019 Aurora Award for the Captiva’s interior in the Best Interior Design of a Home Priced over $2 million category.  Seagate was presented an Aurora Award for the Captiva in

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5 Page-Turning Home Design Books To Inspire Creativity

A Home for All Seasons


In her second book, A Home for All Seasons ($50, Rizzoli), decorator, designer and hostess extraordinaire Danielle Rollins throws open the door to her fabulous world, inviting readers to delight in her singular style. Beautiful photography provides ample inspiration for entertaining at home, including cocktail hours, dinner parties and holiday feasts, as well as expert tips from Rollins.


“Honestly,” she says, “happy entertaining is also a habit, like making the bed. Have candles stocked, music at the ready and cocktail napkins starched. … If you keep your house relatively pulled together, then someone stopping by for an impromptu drink or dinner doesn’t seem like such a big deal.”

An Entertaining Story


She’s invited us inside her island escape in Harbour Island, Bahamas and her estate in England. Now interior designer India Hicks reveals her secrets to entertaining in style in her new book, An

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Rainfinity: Design meets function for your wellness at home – Inforial

It is the rain that you look forward to. A rain of thousands drops that wraps the body in a blanket of water, equivalent of a sensual, relaxing wellness program. It is Rainfinity, the new shower range from hansgrohe.

Opening up a new dimension of showering, Rainfinity has a concave shape and innovative wall connection. Its modern surface is elegant in matte white, and the contemporary graphite of the simply structured jet disc is a visual highlight in the bathroom. It is the trendsetter suitable to be installed in every well-designed state-of-the-art bathroom.

Wall or ceiling installation, head or hand shower, with just one or three different spray modes, the hand shower in the traditional design or in the geometric rod shape, Rainfinity gives no end to the design freedom.

The Rainfinity shoulder shower with an integrated shelf: A visual highlight in the bathroom which offers generous space for your toiletries.The Rainfinity shoulder shower with an integrated shelf: A visual highlight in the bathroom which offers generous space for your

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