8 Cozy Fall Essentials To Transform Your Home This Season

Home has become our haven over the past six months. As summer fades to fall, elevate your surroundings by transforming your living space into a cozy oasis. For the fall season, incorporate rich colors and up the comfort factor with a variety of textures, like velvet and knits. These simple decor tips are easy to implement but will make your living space welcoming and cozy.

Coyuchi Mariposa Supersoft Organic Cotton Blanket

California-based bed, bath and apparel retailer Coyuchi has been a sustainable home textiles pioneer since it launched in 1991. Not only does the brand offer beautiful and functional pieces, but it’s the first home brand to enter the circular economy and has begun producing recycled items made of its own, organic material. Just shy of its 30th anniversary in 2021, the brand recently enlisted the accomplished Whitney Thornburg as design

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A Cozy Cottage on an Island Northeast of Stockholm

AMONG THE MANY fashion boutiques that Christian and Ruxandra Halleroed have designed is a series of nine stores for the Swedish clothing brand Acne Studios, some of which feel like industrial-size meat lockers, with soaring monolithic brushed stainless-steel walls and floors of mottled poured concrete, terrazzo or concrete-print carpet. The effect is not unfeeling but bracing, in the vein of an old-fashioned Austrian spa: The severe gray backdrop makes the clothes, which often come in pleasantly murky colors, look more vibrant by comparison. This rigorously modern approach to design — often characterized by unbroken expanses of single materials (a wall of burled elm in one store, diamond-embossed aluminum in another) combined with inviting planes of color (a peony-pink wall-to-wall carpet, for example, or a standing shelving unit in copper sulfate blue) — has made Halleroed, the design studio that Christian, 46, founded in Stockholm in 1998, and which

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Cozy Bathroom Ideas: 19 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Incredibly Cozy

The words cozy and bathroom might seem mutually exclusive, but a quick Pinterest search of the words reveals they’re anything but.

Take a few minutes (read: hours) to scroll through Pinterest’s “cozy bathroom ideas” feed, and you’ll find images of plant-lined showers, fluffy towels, and candlelit baths so welcoming, you can almost feel the warmth of the water creep along your skin.

Dare to close your eyes, and you might believe, just for a moment, that you are actually enveloped in that warm water—that those plants lining the shower, those fluffy towels, and those candles along the bath’s edge are yours. That the incredibly cozy bathrooms you’ve been perusing on Pinterest for the past however many minutes (ahem, hours) belong to you.

Once you finally emerge from this hygge-filled Pinterest black hole, you remember that these bathrooms aren’t your own—that you didn’t even know the words “cozy” and “bathroom” could

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