This Kitchen Makeover Makes the Case for Bold Color Blocking

AFTER: The mint green wall balances the deep tones of the teal cabinets and the yellow shine of the brass backsplash and hardware.

So Camille and Carole set about reorganizing the space, focusing on relocating elements and circulation so that their client’s living-dining-cooking spaces flowed better and centered around an unexpected multifunctional feature: “two back-to-back benches, one for the dining table and the other for the living room,” says Camille. By placing the bench so that it serves both the kitchen/dining and living rooms, it also acts as a de facto divider between the two spaces. To further delineate this separation, they placed a partition with clear glass and a black frame that stretched from the top of the bench to the underside of the ceiling. The glass partition was a specific request from the client, drawing the eye up to the high ceiling while still maintaining views across the

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How to Design a Bathroom With Color | Home Guides

Orange and blue are a good combination for a high-contrast theme.

The small size of most bathrooms makes them excellent areas to play with color. While a bright or dark color scheme might overwhelm a large room, the bathroom’s close confines keep color under control. If you prefer a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere, muted, natural tones feel calm, but don’t have enough space to become boring. The best thing about trying out new color schemes in the bathroom is that if you don’t like the finished look, you can paint the room over again in a day.

Bright Feels Right

If your bathroom is small and poorly lit, as many are, the judicious use of bright colors can give it a cheery, open appearance. To keep the look exuberant, not riotous, use bright accessories against a backdrop of white or another soft neutral. Picture walls painted a soft gray, sand, creamy white or palest sage, sparked by bright towels, a gaily patterned

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How Black Became the Kitchen’s It Color

For decades, the American dream kitchen has been covered in gleaming white surfaces, from subway tile to countertops to cabinets. Save for a few historic blips—think pink and turquoise in the post–World War II years, and avocado green and harvest gold in the ’60s and ’70s—white has remained the default choice for kitchen design, most recently embodied by the Pinterest-approved trend of light and bright cooking and dining spaces.

But lately, a new It color has been gaining ground in America’s kitchens, and it’s not one that we associate strongly with a bygone era. Indeed, that may be part of its appeal: Since about 2015, all-black kitchens have become increasingly popular. Sophisticated homeowners are exploring shiny black cabinets, black marble countertops with striking white veins, black floors, and even black appliances. Design manufacturers have taken notice, and sleek black ranges, refrigerators, and more have been a fixture at the Kitchen

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How to use white color in interior design

People in general consider white as an antiseptic tone best used in formal environments like offices, spa or hospitals. While stylish white interior decor themes have been trending time and again but these are again limited to specific rooms like kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. Interior decorators tend to use white with contrasting colors like black or grey to create dramatic effects or mix it with neutral tones like beige, cream or lemon. White is in fact a versatile colors that can be combined with multiple color schemes and decor styles to create a charming home. Explore these implementations here to get inspired on decorating your interiors with white.

1. Monochrome living room

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: 1. Monochrome living room

1. Monochrome living room

The classic combination of black and white is timeless and the reason behind that is obvious here like various other combinations you can see in the pages

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Take a look at a Tudor-style home in University Park from 1931 with classic details, pops of color

From the curb, this University Park home boasts a crisp exterior with candy-colored accents. The 1931 Tudor-style home was remodeled in 2017. While the remodel included an entirely new kitchen and updates throughout the home, the original integrity of the home was kept intact.

The home is 2,834 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one half-bathrooms. 4408 San Carlos Drive is just a few blocks from Highland Park Village and the nearby elementary school.

Co-listing agent Meredith Ferrell said that the home’s updates and geography garner interest from potential buyers.

“Most people just really love the kitchen that’s been open to the den, and how modern that is, and the front porch, and the location,” Ferrell said.

At the front of the home, a covered front porch overlooks the front yard. Inside the home and just past the entryway, a living room centers around a fireplace and has

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Brush of Color Interior & Exterior Painting


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Interior Design Education, Ideas, Color, Curtains, Free Courses, Styles

Free Online Interior Decorating Education and Interior Design Inspiration

Whether its home interior design or looking for professional or commercial design and planning,, and sister site have all the information that is required for the interior decorating novice, junkie or design professional. has been built and written by qualified designers, decorators and architectural designers all bringing a wealth of information and experience to you for free. They practice the design profession for a living so are in touch with what you need help with. Learning about the basics of design and decoration is easy. Information is provided to you to educate and promote the interiors profession.

You can source a number of educational articles that will help you decorate your home like a professional.Enjoy your visit to, a website dedicated to interior design and decorating education. Get some inspiration from our ideas and examples and well

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20 Relaxing Bathroom Color Schemes

If you want to create a new look in your bathroom, but want to avoid a complete interior overhaul, consider tweaking your color scheme and decor. A few simple changes can create an entirely new vibe without going over budget. Design a bathroom with color and styles that truly speak to you. Since it’s the room you spend time getting ready in the morning and preparing for bed, it’s important to create a space the boosts your energy and offers you a quiet respite from your busy schedule.

If you’re looking for inspiration throughout the remodel process, we’ve hand-selected bathroom color schemes that will help transform your space. From peaceful blues and tranquil greens, to rustic reds, we’ve gathered an array of colors that work well with each other—making your project planning easier than ever. To bring your bathroom design to the next level, adorn the shower with a framed

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Kitchen Color Schemes

Kitchen Color Schemes
Choosing from an infinite number of kitchen color schemes can be both exciting and daunting. How do you decide?

From a simple black and white kitchen to every other grouping of possible hues, picking the right combination will be easier if you follow our step-by-step guide.

7 Steps to a Kitchen Color Scheme

There are seven essential steps to take when selecting colors for your kitchen remodel. While often helpful, it is not necessary to follow these steps in order.

  1. Choosing cabinet colors: Kitchen cabinets typically take up 50% of your budget and occupy about 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. For these reasons, it’s best to start out by choosing a cabinet color that fits your personality and your home’s style before deciding the other colors in your kitchen.
  2. Choosing appliance colors: Your cabinetry order cannot be finalized until you know which appliances you intend
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The 30 Best Bathroom Colors – Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Let’s be honest: Selecting the perfect bathroom paint color can be tricky. In a perfect world, you’d find a great paint color that oozes spa-like vibes or turns your small bathroom into a high-impact powder room. The good news is that with so many amazing shades to choose from, no matter your wall size or aesthetic, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. We’re sharing 30 of our favorite bathroom color schemes below; they’ll have you running to the hardware store to pick up a few new cans of paint ASAP!

RED-dy or not, here we come! This bathroom, featuring Sherwin Williams’ Ardent Coral, is bright and full of life. If there’s a color you love that you wouldn’t necessarily incorporate in a larger room of your home, consider testing it out in a space like a bathroom as a happy compromise.

Blogger Ashley Goldman of The Gold

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