This Kitchen Makeover Makes the Case for Bold Color Blocking

AFTER: The mint green wall balances the deep tones of the teal cabinets and the yellow shine of the brass backsplash and hardware.

So Camille and Carole set about reorganizing the space, focusing on relocating elements and circulation so that their client’s living-dining-cooking spaces flowed better and centered around an unexpected multifunctional feature: “two back-to-back benches, one for the dining table and the other for the living room,” says Camille. By placing the bench so that it serves both the kitchen/dining and living rooms, it also acts as a de facto divider between the two spaces. To further delineate this separation, they placed a partition with clear glass and a black frame that stretched from the top of the bench to the underside of the ceiling. The glass partition was a specific request from the client, drawing the eye up to the high ceiling while still maintaining views across the

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5 colourful bathroom tile ideas that are bold and beautiful

We’re adoring the new trend for bold bathroom tile ideas – and love that tile companies are producing an array of pretty shades for us to choose from. Being the least visited room in the house by anyone other than family, the bathroom is a great place to experiment with colour… Being smallest room in the house (for most of us), means that you can pick out that particular tile you’ve fallen in love with and use it with great impact over a tight space, without spending a fortune. 

So, be brave, let out your inner interior designer and go for it! And for more bathroom ideas, don’t miss our dedicated design gallery.

1. Pick sorbet bathroom tile ideas to brighten up a dark space

Oooh isn’t this the most gorgeous bathroom you’ve ever seen? Those tiles are the most perfect shade of pink – Tiles Direct have a good

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