The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Tuesday

These deals are popping.
These deals are popping.

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Editor’s Note: Prices may have changed since Tuesday for these deals. For Wednesday’s top deals on Amazon, check out our new story here. 

It may only be Tuesday, but already, it’s been a wild week of deals for Amazon. Not only is the online retailer hosting its huge Big Style Sale, where we’re seeing serious price cuts on some of the site’s best fashion brands, you can also shop its great everyday markdowns on all of the products we know and love best.

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It’s a lot of ground to cover, but we’ve managed to suss out not only only suss 35 of the best things to shop from

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test-kitchen/kitchen-ec2: A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

Gem Version
Build Status
Code Climate

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2.

This driver uses the aws sdk gem to provision and destroy EC2
instances. Use Amazon’s cloud for your infrastructure testing!

Quick Start

  1. Install ChefDK. If testing things other
    than Chef cookbooks, please consult your driver’s documentation for information
    on what to install.

  2. Install the AWS command line tools.

  3. Run aws configure. This will set up your AWS credentials for both the AWS
    CLI tools and kitchen-ec2.

  4. Add or exit the driver section of your .kitchen.yml:

  5. Run kitchen test.


There are no external system requirements for this driver. However you
will need access to an AWS account. IAM users should have, at a minimum, permission to manage the lifecycle of an EC2 instance along with modifying components specified in kitchen driver configs. Consider using a permissive managed IAM policy like arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonEC2FullAccess or tailor one specific to your security requirements.


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The Best Bathroom Wastebaskets That You Can Buy on Amazon

Bathroom trash cans aren’t something most people give a whole lot of thought. It sits in the corner of your bathroom, usually smashed up against the toilet if you have a small bathroom. What trash can goes in the bathroom might not seem significant, but just think about how many makeup wipes, Q-tips, cotton balls and single face-mask packages you throw away on a daily basis. That wastebasket is a big part of your get-ready routine. If you’re going through great lengths to look Insta-ready, you want to make sure your waste bin can keep up. 

Side-note: It’s also one of the few pieces of furniture that visitors or guests are going to notice in your bathroom, so it might be time to throw out that ancient trash can that has gum stuck to the bottom of it from college. 

When shopping for a bathroom trash can, you want to

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Amazon Strikes Free-Year Deal With Discovery’s Food Network Kitchen App 04/28/2020

Following in the footsteps of digital TV
distributors and communications companies to gain more business, Amazon Fire TV, a pay TV provider of networks, has struck a deal with Discovery Inc. to give away the cable network group’s Food
Network Kitchen streaming app service free for a year.

Amazon Fire TV has around 40 million subscribers, according to the company.

Last year, Verizon Wireless
offered a one-year-free subscription to Disney+ to its communication consumers for that service’s initial launch in November 2019.  Analysts estimates this contributed some 10 million
subscribers to the new streaming service.

Apple has also offered a complimentary year of Apple TV+  —  a competing product to Disney+ also launched around the same
period — to buyers of any of its devices.



Recently, T-Mobile had a promotional plan giving certain customers a full year of the free, the short-form
digital service Quibi, which launched April

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Amazon Fire TV Users Receive A Free Year of Food Network Kitchen

Amazon has announced that it will be gifting Amazon Fire TV and Tablet customers with a free one-year subscription to Food Network Kitchen. Access to the premium feature includes live and on-demand cooking lessons with Food Network favorites Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Guy Fieri and Martha Stewart.

Food Network Kitchen was launched in 2019 between Amazon and Discovery with the intention of bringing traditional lifestyle cable content to a streaming platform. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Discovery is in full support of the new promotion. “We were thrilled with the success of our initial collaboration with Amazon to launch Food Network Kitchen,” said Peter Faircy, CEO, global direct-to-consumer at Discovery. “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce tens of millions of Fire TV and Fire Tablet customers to Food Network Kitchen.”

To promote this offer, Amazon will be holding an event on May 2 and 3

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Coronavirus Prompts Instacart and Amazon Strikes Over Health Concerns

Signaling both growing anxiety and growing solidarity brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, workers in a variety of occupations across the country are protesting what they see as inadequate safety measures and insufficient pay for the risks they are confronting.

On Monday, a contingent of workers who fulfill orders for the grocery delivery service Instacart stayed off the job, demanding greater pay and better access to paid leave and disinfectant.

A group of workers walked off the job at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island on Monday, and a sickout called by Whole Foods Market workers is set for Tuesday. Last week, nurses in the Bronx protested a lack of protective equipment, and sanitation employees in Pittsburgh staged a protest over working conditions.

Labor experts and union organizers said anxieties related to the pandemic appeared to be widely shared among front-line workers across different companies, job categories and classifications. “Whether

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Yes, you can use your Amazon Echo in the bathroom. Here’s how


An Echo Dot works best in the bathroom.

James Martin/CNET

The bathroom may be the last spot you’d think about placing your Amazon Echo — you’re usually busy showering or brushing your teeth, and that area of the house is filled with germs and bacteria. However, it can prove to be convenient to have Alexa in the bathroom.

For example, when you notice you’re low on soap or shampoo, you can immediately tell Alexa to order you more. Also, you can play music or podcasts while you’re getting ready in the morning, rather than wasting your phone’s battery life.

The trick is to figure out the best spot to place your Amazon Echo ($100 at Amazon) device — not too close to the toilet and nowhere near running water. So read on to find out where in your bathroom to put your speaker and all the benefits of having

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