Homeowners across the country choose StyroTrim brand stucco and cement ‘do-it-yourself’ products
to help them transform their simple, traditional aging houses into more visually appealing, modern,
customized homes.

StyroTrim adds architectural class, style and a more finished look to Stucco bungalows, which
have become virtually ubiquitous. Switch to StyroTrim to transform your house into a beautiful home
of your dreams!!

Are you ready to modernize and enhance the look of your home, but apprehensive about the quality and cost involved…?


Stucco, Stucco Trim - Before - Add value with an Exterior Makeover


Stucco, Stucco house Trim - After Add Class and Style to your widows and doors

StyroTrim offers the highest quality, most cost-effective Stucco and cement-coated foam treatments
for interior and exterior residential and commercial structures. These architectural accents are specially
crafted to beautify the interior and exterior of your home or structure, while rendering maximum durability.

Stucco is a fine plaster made from Portland cement, sand and lime, and applied while soft to cover exterior
walls or surfaces. It is also used for internal decorations and fine work, and is durable, attractive, and

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