May 2016 we finished the interior of the house and moved in.  We finished the exterior a few months later.  Although there are a few things we would do differently if we were to do this again, we love living here.


The out buildings are a wood shed to hold the extra wood and a tool/garden shed with covering for the ATV.

The north, west and east entries.  Eventually the west entry will have a cordwood court yard to protect the garden from deer.

The north entry, cold room (water, pantry, freezer) and utility (laundry, solar and on demand hot water system, pellet stove and wine making cabinet).

Continuing around the outer part of the house in a clockwise direction, are the office and bathroom.

Through the saloon doors into the space between the east entry and the stairs.

Upstairs is an open space that contains bookshelves, a reading bench, storage space for photos, art and sewing supplies, a sewing machine, guest bed, and other stuff.

The living room has five large windows to the south.

Next is the bedroom and the dressing room which has a shower, sauna, toilet and wash basin.  And that brings us to the north of the house and back to the north entry.

The dining room is in the southwest half of the central area of the house.  Posts separate the dining and living rooms.  Under the stairs is a dog bed for Keiko.

The kitchen is in the northeast half of the central area of the house.

And that completes the tour of our home.


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