Tailor Patrick Johnson and his interior designer wife Tamsin list super-stylish home in Tamarama

Sydney’s most prolific and renowned tailor, Patrick Johnson, and his interior designer wife, Tamsin, have listed their super stylish Tamarama home with impressive ocean views.

Ray White TRG principal Gavin Rubinstein has a guide of $5.5m-$6m for the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home with two car spaces at 7 Ashley St ahead of an August 18 auction.

“They’ve completely gutted it and finished it to a standard of style you rarely see in Australia,” says Rubinstein. “It’s one of a kind.”

Patrick Johnson’s PJohnson Tailors was established in Sydney in 2009 and now also has showrooms in Melbourne, New York and London.

And Tamsin Johnson Interiors has transformed numerous homes worldwide, including residences in Bondi Beach, Darling Point, Byron Bay, Toorak and New York along with South Yarra penthouses and Paris apartments.

MORE: Sex toy couple snap up penthouse

Buyer of $21m+ mansion named

Naturally, the uber-cool power couple have done a

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Bring It Home: Interior designer Sonya Cotter says we’ve taken minimalism too far

Half of interior designer Sonya Cotter’s work is convincing people to embrace their own clutter.

Minimalism has sucked a lot of the personality out of our living environments, she says. White walls and houseplants are pretty and on-trend, but what do they say about you?

Cotter cautions that Pinterest and Instagram are oversaturated with vignettes of “perfect” interiors that aren’t very comfortable or interesting to live in.

Sonya Cotter is an interior designer and advocates keeping a bit of clutter around the house as a design trend.

Chris McKeen/Stuff

Sonya Cotter is an interior designer and advocates keeping a bit of clutter around the house as a design trend.

The chef turned design expert talks about how to make a home look like it belongs to you, not the pages of a glossy magazine.

* Colourful handmade homewares are hot to collect right now
* An interior designer could be your ‘secret weapon’
* How to maximise a small space
* Side by side: Bedside tables are a

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How to Re-Decorate Your Home in a Pandemic

It’s hard to find a silver lining, but if there’s one good thing that’s come from being quarantined, it’s the fact that  we are being forced to slow down, reflect and get reacquainted with our homes. In the past, we would typically spend most of our waking time at school or at work, but since classes and work meetings shifted to a virtual plain, leaving the house seems like a novelty. As a return to normal life is uncertain, now is a great time to create a comforting space in your home.

Many are using their time during the shutdown to work on small, simple home projects. The are ways you can create a better space for yourself without inviting contractors into your home and facing the wrath of coronavirus, and local interior designers offer advice on how to create a happier home on your own.

Taylor Watkins, an interior

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Set Up for Success: Bobby Borisov and Larry Lichterman to Launch Home Interiors and Furnishing e-Commerce Venture, LifeHouse – Press Release

July 20, 2020 Experienced entrepreneurs, Bobby Borisov and Larry Lichterman announce the launch of a brand new eCommerce store, LifeHouse, for home furnishing and interior pieces. The launch of LifeHouse signals the inception of an elevated home furnishing experience for homeowners, property developers, and enthusiasts. 

Complete with top-shelf products, an eager customer service team, and a reliable delivery service, LifeHouse is set to become a valuable eCommerce retail platform for home development, considering the COVID-19.

Larry Lichterman, a member of the magic duo, made a name from establishing Tool Shack in 1972 and guided it to success within five years in Southern California. The company experienced remarkable growth including expansion into a chain of 32 profitable stores. All 32 stores were established in the half state of Southern California, without the glorious benefits of the internet. By leveraging the internet this time on LifeHouse, Larry and Bobby project

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Video shows explosion after woman sets car interior on fire

A suburban Detroit woman was arraigned Friday on charges alleging that she set fire to an acquaintance’s SUV in an act that was apparently caught on video and shows a woman get blown backward after igniting a liquid she had poured through the vehicle’s rear window.

Sydney Parham, of Fraser, was formally charged in a Clinton Township court on one count of third-degree arson in Wednesday’s fire outside of an apartment complex in Harrison Township, northeast of Detroit. The 26-year-old was released on a $20,000 personal bond and has a court conference scheduled for Aug. 5.

The video, which appears to have been shot from an upstairs window or balcony nearby, shows a woman wearing a black, hooded jacket and a white face mask emptying the contents of a small, red gasoline can through an open rear side window of the SUV.

She reaches back inside with what appears

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HOME PROFILE: Views complement home’s uniquely beautiful interior – News – Wicked Local Topsfield

Mother Nature’s handiwork that includes magnificent ocean vistas and panoramic views of Marblehead Rock, Children’s, Baker’s and Tinker’s Islands are front and center at this oceanfront home. And wait ’til you have the opportunity to relax on a lounge atop a knoll at the ocean’s edge … beyond nice.


ADDRESS: 425 Ocean Ave., Marblehead



LIVING SPACE: 4,530 sq. ft.

PRICE: $3,750,000


Mother Nature’s handiwork that includes magnificent ocean vistas and panoramic views of Marblehead Rock, Children’s, Baker’s and Tinker’s Islands are front and center at this oceanfront home. And wait ’til you have the opportunity to relax on a lounge atop a knoll at the ocean’s edge … beyond nice. 

In fact, save for one exception, these fabulous scenes would be the highlight of this property. 

The exception is the 4,530-square-foot showpiece with an astounding number of outstanding amenities and features. Trying to pick a

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2022 Chevy Bolt EUV interior spied revealing a big screen and Super Cruise

See Full Image Gallery >>

Though new Cadillacs, a Hummer and other larger vehicles are going to be the highlights of the GM electric revolution, the small Bolt line will still be an important part of it. It will be getting a slightly larger Bolt EUV variant with more crossover looks, and we believe this is what one of our spy photographers caught. And here for the first time, we get a look at the interior.

The big reveal of these photos is the quite large center infotainment screen. It fills most of the area of the center stack, which juts out at an angle. The only physical controls identifiable on the stack are a volume knob on the left side and possibly a “home” button below it, and a hazard light button on the right side.

We also get a look at the steering wheel, which doesn’t look particularly

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This Iconic London Mews House Seen in “Love Actually”Is on the Market and Its Interiors Are Gorgeous

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From House Beautiful

If you’ve ever watched Love Actually, you’re probably familiar with the famous love scene where Keira Knightley’s character opens her door to find Andrew Lincoln’s character divulging his unrequited love for her via a series of placards. As he walks away, Knightley chases him down the cobbled street, known as St. Luke Mews, and … well, you know the rest. The love scene has been parodied numerous times, including by Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and, most recently, by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his most recent election campaign video.

The hot pink home (number 27) where Knightley’s character lived in the film has become a tourist attraction, as well as the captivating Notting Hill street itself —amassing countless photos on Instagram from fans of the film, but also lovers of exquisite architecture.

Now, you can own one

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Adding a 3-D Printer to the Garage Might Finally Make Sense

From Car and Driver

The gentleman who sold me my first car, a 1969 Datsun 2000, asked me to cup my hands as he poured out a jumble of letters. I dropped them onto the faded yellow hood of the roadster and arranged them: D-A-T-S-U-N. They likely cost pennies to produce, but they were priceless to me, even the T with missing a nib that would make attaching it to the car difficult. If I lost any of these letters in 1989, that was it. I had no way to replace them. I couldn’t scour online auctions, because those didn’t exist. While there were far more Datsuns on the road in the ’80s than there are now, it was unlikely anyone else near me would part with their precious portions of the alphabet. And don’t even get me started on the anxiety I had about losing the “Datsun” and “2000”

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