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The story of a very dysfunctional family and what happens when the parents divorce. Eve (Geraldine Page) and Arthur (EG Marshall) are a 60-something couple, recently separated. They have three adult daughters – Renata (Diane Keaton), Joey (Mary Beth Hurt) and Flyn (Kristin Griffith). Renata is a poet and is married to Frederick (Richard Jordan). Joey is (reluctantly) in advertising and is married to Mike (Sam Waterston). Flyn is a film and TV actress. Eve is an incredibly negative woman and this has had a toxic effect on her children. This results in stifling, unsupportive relationships and joyless lives.
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Renata takes the white book off the same shelf

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United States Secretary of the Interior


  Whig (3)
  Democratic (16)
  Republican (33)

  Denotes acting Secretary of the Interior
Number Portrait Name State of Residence Took office Left office President(s)
1 ThomasEwingSr.jpg Thomas Ewing Ohio March 8, 1849 July 22, 1850 Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore
2 Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan.png Thomas M. T. McKennan Pennsylvania August 15, 1850 August 26, 1850
3 AxHHStuart.jpg Alexander H. H. Stuart Virginia September 14, 1850 March 7, 1853
4 Robert McClelland 1.jpg Robert McClelland Michigan March 8, 1853 March 9, 1857 Franklin Pierce
5 Jacob Thompson (ca. 1857).jpg Jacob Thompson Mississippi March 10, 1857 January 8, 1861 James Buchanan
6 CBSmith.jpg Caleb B. Smith Indiana March 5, 1861 December 31, 1862 Abraham Lincoln
7 John Palmer Usher.jpg John P. Usher Indiana January 1, 1863 May 15, 1865 Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson
8 James-Harlan.jpg James Harlan Iowa May 16, 1865 August 31, 1866 Andrew Johnson
9 Orville Hickman Browning - Brady-Handy.jpg Orville H. Browning Illinois September 1, 1866 March 4, 1869 Andrew Johnson
10 Jacob Dolson Cox - Brady-Handy.jpg Jacob D. Cox Ohio March 5, 1869 October 31,
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Department of Interior Design | VCUarts

interior design

About the Department

The Department of Interior Design provides an intellectually rigorous, studio-based experience grounded in the issues of interior architecture. One of the oldest programs of its kind in U.S., we offer a curriculum that balances academic study with professional training, helping students gain both conceptual knowledge and technical skill.

Our BFA in Interior Design and MFA in Design (Interior Environments) degree programs are accredited by CIDA, the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

Our alumni are commercial designers, hospitality designers, residential designers, museum and exhibition designers and lighting designers.

We have over a hundred undergraduate and graduate students from all over the U.S. and abroad.

Degree Programs

This studio-based program focuses on creating conceptually driven, critical holistic three-dimensional spaces, with the principles of space, form, color and light serving as the foundations of your studies.

Interior Design students

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

The department’s relationships with design firms nationwide

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17 Must-Have Home Decorating Apps for Android & iOS

From digital mood boarding to virtual consultation, these interior design apps inspire. They source. They even color swatch, walk you through home renovations and allow you preview objects in 3D augmented reality. We’ve picked 17 of the best home decoration apps on the market right now.

Ever wish you could bottle the colors from an incredible photo or work of art and use them as a palette for a room? Thanks to the technology behind Adobe Color Capture, you can do just that. When you’re out and about and find inspiring color combinations, shapes or patterns, just open up the app and snap away. Before you know it, you’ll have a customizable color scheme, 3D patterns and vector graphics that are compatible with numerous design software programs to help you come up with your next great interior.

Free for iOS and Android

Houzz is, arguably, the mother of all design

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Office Interior Design Dubai | Top Interior Design Firm Dubai

interiors designed to function

Interiors.R.US is a professional Dubai based Design and Fit-Out company with in-house Joinery facilities to make the concept designs a reality.

With more than a decade of experience in both interior design and production, we design interiors knowing the practicalities – an understanding that “form follows function”. We design interiors Knowing the practicalities of production and the stresses of everyday use. We are a professional, qualified turnkey solutions Within company who are well conversant with the entire design and the fit out process.

We can help you with anything from planning your inner designing and making furniture buying Decisions, facia to fabricating and installing fittings. Our track record Proves That We Have Been successful in providing the fit out solutions for diverse indoor environs.

With newer ideas and business concepts making space in the market, entrepreneurs and companies are also looking at sophisticated and innovative workspaces

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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Interior Fully Revealed In New Spy Shots

The interior of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport has been spied fully uncovered, betraying a design that’s wholly different from the Escape that shares its platform.

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is on its way to give Ford an off-road–oriented crossover like the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, and today its interior was spied completely uncovered. The Bronco Sport is based on the same platform as the current Escape, but thankfully, it features wholly different interior and exterior styling from Ford’s inoffensive-but-bland small crossover. 

Taking a page from its square-jawed bodywork, the Bronco Sport’s interior is suitably beefed up relative to the carlike Escape. The fully digital gauge cluster – which is likely an option – hides inside a hooded binnacle not unlike that of the F-150 pickup. Likewise the center dashboard air vents that bookend a horizontal floating touchscreen, under which is a slot for storing phones, wallets, and the like.

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Tone on Tone – Interior & Garden Design


It’s been four months since I closed my antiques shop in Maryland, and I really do miss everyone! Some of you have emailed, called or texted me – many thanks for staying in touch.

A few of you have asked about sourcing antiques, and where to buy the kinds of pieces that I used to sell at Tone on Tone. I’m pleased to share a favorite source of mine.

From Gustavian painted furniture to garden accessories, Cote Jardin Antiques in Georgetown, DC has it all. I’ve been purchasing from them for years. Do you remember the giant clock face in the breakfast room of our first home? That came from CJA.

Cote Jardin specializes in fine garden antiques – think of carved stone urns, important bronze statuary, charming faux bois furniture, etc. They also have an impressive inventory of antique French, Italian, Swedish, English, and other Continental furniture and

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Report Finds Meddling in Interior Dept. Actions

WASHINGTON — The inspector general of the Interior Department has found that agency officials often interfered with scientific work in order to limit protections for species at risk of becoming extinct, reviving attention to years of disputes over the Bush administration’s science policies.

In a report delivered to Congress on Monday, the inspector general, Earl E. Devaney, found serious flaws in the process that led to 15 decisions related to policies on endangered species.

The report suggested that at least some of those decisions might need to be revisited under the Obama administration.

Among the more significant decisions was one reducing the number of streams that would be designated as critical habitat for the endangered bull trout and protected from commercial use. That rule is already the subject of a lawsuit by environmentalists.

“The results of this investigation paint a picture of something akin to a secret society residing within

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This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

Here at Jalopnik, we know we have a (justly earned) reputation for being brown manual wagon stans. But we’re so much more than that. We love brown vans, campers, supercars, coupes, trucks… anything! As our departed colleague Davey G. Johnson was keen to note, brown is the spice of life, and this former SEMA beauty queen for sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan, might just be the spiciest such vehicle ever featured on this humble rag.

Illustration for article titled This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

Check out the glorious layer cake of burnt sienna, coppers, gold and chocolate stripes on this custom-built 1983 Chevy C30 Camper. No wonder River City Rods, the shop that created this retro masterpiece for the 2019 SEMA show, dubbed its creation “Brown Sugar.” This camper made it to SEMA’s top 40 Battle Of The Builders and was featured in several industry mags.

Illustration for article titled This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

But this camper isn’t just a pretty face. Sugar here comes

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What Are the Responsibilities of an Interior Designer?

If you have a flair for design and enjoy working with people, interior design may be an ideal career choice. Interior designers use artistic elements to create living and working spaces that meet the needs of various clients. In contrast to an interior decorator, interior designers have specialized education in building codes, environmental sustainability, technological design and other physical design considerations. Interior decorators furnish a space, without advanced knowledge of artistic and mechanical design elements.

Job Description

Residential Design

If you specialize in residential interior design, you will work closely with clients to determine their needs and wants for a specific room, or an entire home. In some cases, you may provide design expertise for a new building project. You may also be called upon to help with a single indoor or outdoor living space. Most design projects involve meeting several times with clients, creating a design and providing furniture

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