The best kitchen deals to bookmark from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale



Once a year, Nordstrom unleashes a doozy of a sale, on everything from beauty products to clothing and shoes. But we’re here for anything kitchen-related, and luckily there are plenty of products that are marked down in that category as well. This year, Nordstrom is doing things a little differently with its Anniversary Sale, opting to provide early access to preview everything that will be on sale — but the catch is not everyone can access these sale items at the same time. Here’s how it breaks down:

Starting July 24: Everyone can view what will be going on sale — but you can’t buy at the sale prices yet.

Aug. 4 – 13: Sale prices begin to become available for Nordstrom credit card holders, with the exact date dependent upon your tier in the Nordy Club: “Icons” get in Aug. 4, “Insiders” on Aug. 13.

Aug. 19: Sale

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New West Dallas homes bring high design to an urban neighborhood

One of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods is home to a cutting-edge new residential community.

Called the Haciendas, the project will include more than six dozen high-design homes being built near Fort Worth Avenue in West Dallas.

The one-of-a-kind development is a project of Oaxaca Interests, the same company that built the popular Sylvan Thirty mixed-use development on Sylvan Avenue west of downtown.

Just a few blocks away, Oaxaca Interests has built the first four of what it plans to be a larger group of style-forward houses on North Edgefield Avenue.

Designed by award-winning architect Lake Flato of San Antonio and Austin, the homes marry an outside industrial look with bright and airy interior spaces.

They range in size from 1,550 to just under 1,900 square feet, with stucco exteriors and metal roofs, and they’re built in joined modules.

“The kitchen and living area is in one module, and the primary bedroom

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‘Golden Girls’ House in L.A. Is This Week’s Most Popular Home

Thank you for being a friend! After the home used for exterior shots on “The Golden Girls” landed on the market last week, the web went bananas.

Obsessive fans of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia clicked like crazy and made the Los Angeles lair this week’s most popular home on®.

On the popular sitcom, the home’s address was in Miami. However, the home we saw onscreen is in the tony enclave of Brentwood. Built in 1955, the home hit the market for the first time ever, and nostalgic fans clamored for a peek.

The home’s interiors weren’t used on the show, and are more modern and elegant than you might expect. A buyer might want to make some cosmetic changes, so we’ll stay tuned to see who winds up with the iconic residence. HGTV, perhaps?

Aside from sitcom

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What Is Brutalist Design? Here’s the Scoop on This Raw, Minimal Design Theme

The words “Brutalist design” may not conjure up examples of architecture as easily as, say, “midcentury modern” or “Spanish Mission.” But you’re probably familiar with more Brutalist works than you think.

In fact, iconic Brutalist structures are rather unforgettable, including the Met Breuer museum in New York City and Boston’s City Hall. These mammoth concrete buildings look almost scary, yet  they represent a raw plainness and honesty in design that has been popular for decades.

Elements of Brutalist design also show up in the home in the form of exposed brick, poured concrete floors, sharp angles on case goods, and a color palette that skews neutral and gray.

“The Brutalist style gained popularity during the mid-2010s, as seen in the many industrial and loftlike designs that brought in concrete countertops, minimalist furniture styles, and monochromatic colors,” says Drew Henry of Design Dudes.

It’s hard to say whether this rough and

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The Most Ingenious Kitchen Tools, According To Chefs | The Strategist

In honor of Ingenious Design Week, we asked chefs across the country about the clever tools that they can’t cook without and dug deep into our own back catalogue to uncover other sworn-by doodads that are truly worth making space for in your kitchen drawer. And while we typically ascribe to the Alton Brown rule of kitchen gadgets — single function is a scam — we found that there are some select unitaskers that will make life better, just as there are likely things lying around your kitchen that can be used in ways you never considered.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a Waffle House, then you’ve seen a press at work, likely keeping a patty melt flat on the grill. But chef Gracie Nguyen of East Side Banh Mi in Nashville says not just any press will do. She swears by this one from Chef’s Press,

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Crucial kitchen design mistakes you should avoid at all costs

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article

When you design your ideal kitchen, it’s important to consider the overall floor plan of your property too. Some kitchens are thoroughfares to other rooms in the house, so access needs to be a top priority. If you’re dealing

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10 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Kitchen design trends come and go—we’re looking at you, Formica counters and avocado-green refrigerator!—which means you might get sucked into a fad now and then. But despite all of these passing whims, there are certain classic kitchen looks that will never go out of style.

Certain kitchen decor styles endure for good reason: They are simply designed, are beautiful to behold, and tend to appeal to a wide audience. And since kitchens are expensive to build and upgrade, embracing timeless trends in this space is a smart move for homeowners.

So if you want a kitchen you’ll love for years to come (or maybe even sell sometime in the future), it’s smart to stick with what’s tried and true. To help in this endeavor,

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5 Chic Instagram Decor Ideas Guaranteed To Make Your Bathroom Look Oh, So Expensive

What if your bathroom could be a luxurious sanctuary, with smart storage and expensive-looking decor? We’re convinced the dream can be reality.


If your bathroom looks anything like ours after nearly four months of staying at home, then you know the countertops (and probably the bathtub edges and toilet back) are covered in cleaning supplies, toilet paper overstock, and other miscellaneous goods that can’t seem to find a home elsewhere in your place.

But what if—and stay with us here—your bathroom could be a luxurious sanctuary, with smart storage and expensive-looking decor?

After scrolling through hundreds of posts on Instagram to find some decor inspiration, we’re convinced that

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10 Small Shower Ideas That’ll Make Your Bathroom Feel Spacious

small showers

Fantastic Frank/Romanek Design Studio

As with any small space, you need to get creative to make the most of it. That means diving deep into all of your options and boiling them down to the absolute best one for you and your space. Whether you have a super tiny apartment bathroom or less square footage to work with in a large house, these shower ideas will help you design a space that feels anything but confined. Every time you walk into your bathroom, you’ll know that you’re getting maximum function and style out of it.

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Make It Cozy

Use brass accents and neutral tile to make a small shower feel like a super cozy oasis. This shower by Cilla Bonfim Interiors has a beach view, which makes it even more comforting.

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Use Fun Tiling

No room for decor? No problem.

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