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Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors

There comes a time when every kitchen starts to look tired. Often that is through years of wear and tear or simply because the style is now outdated. Whatever the reason, you will want to inject life, style, creativity and beauty back into your kitchen to make it look as elegant and stylish as it can be.

Kitchen Cup Doors

A new kitchen can be quite an expensive investment and here at theDoormaker, we have the years of experience and know-how that enables us to refresh your existing kitchen to make it look like a brand new kitchen; saving you thousands of pounds in the process. Our service is not for the Do It Yourself person. It is for discerning individuals that want a quality kitchen installed by experts. Your new kitchen will be designed to match your existing décor and chosen to your exact specification and requirements.


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test-kitchen/kitchen-ec2: A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

Gem Version
Build Status
Code Climate

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2.

This driver uses the aws sdk gem to provision and destroy EC2
instances. Use Amazon’s cloud for your infrastructure testing!

Quick Start

  1. Install ChefDK. If testing things other
    than Chef cookbooks, please consult your driver’s documentation for information
    on what to install.

  2. Install the AWS command line tools.

  3. Run aws configure. This will set up your AWS credentials for both the AWS
    CLI tools and kitchen-ec2.

  4. Add or exit the driver section of your .kitchen.yml:

  5. Run kitchen test.


There are no external system requirements for this driver. However you
will need access to an AWS account. IAM users should have, at a minimum, permission to manage the lifecycle of an EC2 instance along with modifying components specified in kitchen driver configs. Consider using a permissive managed IAM policy like arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonEC2FullAccess or tailor one specific to your security requirements.


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27 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen, According to Experts


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but your culinary space has probably seen better days. Whether your house’s appliances are so old they’re practically antiques or you just don’t find yourself loving the previous owner’s design choices, chances are high you’re eager to do a kitchen remodel. After all, they’re often among the most desired changes to a home. The only problem? They’re also among the priciest. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2019 “Cost vs. Value” report, a mid-range kitchen remodel costs $66,196, on average, while a high-end upgrade costs an average of $131,510.

But fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank—or even knock down a single wall—to get the kitchen of your dreams. We asked top industry experts for the best ways to completely change your kitchen without going broke. Soon, you’ll love the space you’re cooking in!

Red toaster on white countertop

While investing in a new fridge,

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2 hidden details in ‘The Office’ you’ve probably never noticed

If you’ve rewatched The Office more than once, you’ve likely picked up on some Easter eggs or noticed certain filming consistencies and wondered whether or not they were intentional.

On the latest episode of the , former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey talked about two of these instances and shed some real light on just how high the attention to detail was on set.

The episode Fischer and Kinsey discussed was Season 2, Episode 21, “Conflict Resolution.” It shows everyone getting their photo taken for an ID badge, and also follows Michael who’s made it his mission to sort through Toby’s stack of employee complaints and resolve all the issues in the office. But it also features two details that only the most attune fans will pick up on.

The first is that Jim Halpert seems to be the only member of the team whose talking heads are filmed

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RR-1104: Hygrothermal Analysis of Exterior Rockwool Insulation


Many concerns, including the rising cost of energy, climate change concerns, and demands for increased comfort, have led to the desire for increased insulation levels in many new and existing buildings. Building codes are being modified to require higher levels of thermal control during almost every revision. The manner in which additional thermal insulation is added to framed wall assemblies is critical to their durability when considered over time.

This report is an extension of a previous analysis study titled “High R Walls for the Pacific Northwest – A Hygrothermal Analysis of Various Exterior Wall Systems”, conducted by BSC for Walsh Construction, dated June 1, 2010 that examined the predicted thermal and hygrothermal performance of 17 different wall assemblies in Portland Oregon.1

As part of the initial study, four wall assemblies constructed using various thicknesses of exterior XPS insulation were analyzed. For this report, the results from the

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Hot Bread Kitchen’s Incubator

We give small food businesses the space and support they need to succeed.

Hot Bread Kitchen’s incubator helps talented food entrepreneurs jumpstart their journey toward scaling their business, gaining greater financial stability, and creating jobs in their communities. 

Through the powerful combination of access to affordable kitchen space, capital, customers, and networks, our entrepreneurs successfully grow businesses in New York’s dynamic food industry. 

Beyond space: providing incubator members access to markets, networks, and capital.

We offer small business owners access to a fully licensed commercial kitchen at an affordable rate. But we know running a food business goes beyond what happens in the kitchen. 

We offer business development support through connections to event organizers and buyers throughout the city, mentorship and coaching, introductions to sources of capital, educational and networking events, and more.

With our support, small business owners impacted by racial, social, and economic inequality access the resources and

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Sheathing Exterior Walls | HomeTips

Most new walls need sheathing to strengthen them, to act as a nailing base for siding, and/or to boost insulation. Existing walls usually do not require sheathing unless you are stripping off the old siding and applying a different type that calls for sheathing. Be sure to check the siding manufacturer’s directions and local codes to determine whether sheathing is required. For help with sheathing siding, you may want to get quotes from local siding contractors.

Plywood sheathing is often the material of choice because of its strength and ease of handling.

There are two types of sheathing: structural and nonstructural.

Structural Sheathing

This type is integral to the house’s framing. It ties together wall studs, contributing shear strength and rigidity and forming a solid nailing base for siding materials. Most structural sheathings do not add much insulation value.

Common structural sheathings include plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), wafer board,

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3 Questions To Ask Before Using Natural Stone In Your Kitchen

Natural stone plays a prominent role in many kitchen remodels. Here are three questions to consider when choosing a stone for your kitchen project.

1. How Will the Stone Perform?

Photo by Leslie Schartz for Scott Simpson Design + Build

When considering natural stone for a kitchen project, Tom “TK” Kenny, partner at

Scott Simpson Design + Build, an integrated design/build firm specializing in new home construction, historic renovations, and eco-conscious green building projects in the Chicagoland area feels the most important question to ask is about the porosity of the natural stone you want to use.  “It is important to know this as it will dictate how easy the stone will be to maintain,” says Kenny.

Anna Gibson, AKBD, owner and chief designer of AKG Design Studio, a firm that provides curated kitchen and bathroom design services for the DC metro area, agrees that it’s important to know how

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School Counselor Gives Life Lessons On YouTube From Her Kitchen : NPR

With schools closed, elementary school counselor Marie Weller is improvising to reach her students: She’s recording YouTube lessons about how they can handle their feelings from her kitchen.


Let’s visit the kitchen of an elementary school counselor in Ohio. Her name is Marie Weller, and she has turned to YouTube to help kids stranded away from school during this pandemic. NPR’s Cory Turner has been visiting with her.

CORY TURNER, BYLINE: In Delaware, Ohio, just north of Columbus, she’s known as Mrs. Weller. And if I had to describe her in a word, it would be joyful.

MARIE WELLER: (Laughter).

TURNER: Once Ohio closed its schools, Mrs. Weller started going through counseling videos she could share with her kids remotely, but she says many of them were just too…

WELLER: Boring. So I started thinking – well, I’m bored and can’t imagine that the kids aren’t.


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Clearance Wall Decor | Touch of Class

Discount wall sconces, shelves and hooks will reinvent your vertical space. Search our clearance wall decor for wall plaques, decorative plates and wall mirrors to shake up your decorating approach.

Viewing 1 – 48 of 55 items

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Viewing 1 – 48 of 55 items

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Use discount wall sconces to frame a large mirror, or create an interesting vignette with low-priced wall plaques instead. Our clearance wall decor section offers savings from 40 to 70 percent off, so you can fashion any arrangement you please. Whether you’re after a metal wall plaque or ceramic decorative plates, pinpoint wall decorations that will complement your aesthetic. We offer wall decor in styles from coastal to Southwestern, and designs include pine cones, fleurs-de-lis, florals and much more.

Explore the countless wall decorations at your disposal. Browse our wall decor sale for

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