Day: May 2, 2020

Crowded kitchen becomes family gathering place

All five Freimarks are back under the same roof and it is not always easy. Especially in the kitchen.

A typical night consists of Michele Freimark, my mother, in the process of making dinner; Jay Freimark, my father, bringing home groceries and trying to put them away; Ally, my sister, over my mother’s shoulder, trying to catch some cooking tips; and Charlie, my brother, snacking right before it’s time to eat.

“All I want is for one night where I can cook without the kitchen being so crowded.  I love you all, but sometimes I need my space!” said Michele.

Night after night, around 6 o’clock, is when the chaos starts.

Lily, Jay, Michele, Ally and Charlie Freimark before finding themselves in a crowded kitchen. Photo by Pat Joubert.

That’s about the time we all take a break from our work-at-home lives – my mom, who has been working

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Willow Decor

My youngest child is heading off to college and in a few weeks, so Dave and I will officially be empty-nesters.

As most of you who have already seen their children go out into the world, you know the moment is bittersweet.  We decided the time was right to move permanently to our beach house. 

We have grown to love the people and the area; and know it’s the perfect place to start our next chapter.

In one of life’s wonderful coincidences, our neighbors decided they also were ready to start a new chapter and offered to sell their house to us. Just one moment on their porch and we knew it would be our next home.

We purchased their “virtually untouched” turn of the century shingle style beach house.   It sits up on a rather large plot of land, with several outbuildings.

This was exciting for Dave who always

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Paris, France 2020

Interior design is the art of defining spaces that surround us, from the inside out. Whether within intimately small spaces or much larger schemes, within residential, commercial or work-related places, the interior designer must demonstrate the ability to adapt and develop, way beyond simple decoration, subtle design proposals both sensitive to context and responsive to complex constraints and specific requirements.The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design encourages a thorough yet versatile design approach, following systematic and coordinated methodologies. With an emphasis on Retail and Commercial Spaces, the program is intended for undergraduate students aiming to become professional interior designers specialized in retail, commercial, exhibition and event spaces. Inter-disciplinary in nature and structure, the studio and the classroom serve as complementary spaces for design thinking and creative expression as well as technical and professional skills development. The course builds up towards a final individual project which is presented

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Modern bathroom design is a direct response to pandemic planning / Boing Boing

I spent the first two weeks of my quarantine shitting in a portapotty in the parking lot of my building. It wasn’t great — but hey, at least it was always stocked with hand sanitizer.

The contractors I’d hired to renovate my bathroom were not so good on timeliness or communication before the pandemic started. And it only got worse from there. So I drove 300 miles in late March where I could at least be with my pregnant wife, and where at least I could shit indoors.

I returned home the other day to find that the bathroom still wasn’t finished (though at least I could shower and shit now). Disappointed, I began to unpack my things, and ended up listening to this new NPR Short Wave podcast, which strangely made me feel better. It traces the history of indoor plumbing — including the uphill battle of trying to

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GitHub – stfwi/engineers-decor: Engineer’s Decor

A Minecraft (Java Edition) mod based on
Forge, adding cosmetic blocks
for the Engineer’s factory, workshop, and home.

The mod has its focus decorative blocks and devices helping you to build nice
looking manufacturing contraptions. Current feature set:

  • Treated Wood Crafting Table: 3×3 crafting table with IE style GUI and a model
    fitting better in the engineer’s workshop. Keeps its inventory, has eight additional
    storage slots on the left side of the crafting grid. Crafting history for fast
    refabrication of previous recipes. Providesa a recipe collision resolver (selection
    button for ambiguous recipes). Quick-move buttons (opt-in) to from/to storage or
    player inventory. Smart shift-click placement (balanced placing of items in the
    crafting grid). Ctrl-Shift-click places all same stacks. Scroll with the mouse over
    the crafting output slot to increase or decrease the stack sizes (shift and/or ctrl
    higher step size). Shows the placed items on the top of the

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    Calgary Painting Company | Top Rated Interior House Painters

    Want a fresh and sparkling new look? Perhaps the interior of your home is looking a little dull and worn out. If you are searching for the perfect painting company to give your space a new and rejuvenated look, you’ve come to the right place.

    As a highly rated Calgary painting company, we pride ourselves on putting the customer’s needs first. We do our best to provide exactly the look you desire and more. Couple that with our unmatched, high-quality services and you can see why we are one of the best-rated painting contractors!

    Our painters understand that reputation and referrals mean everything in our line of business, and with years of experience, we aim not only to meet but exceed any expectations our customers may have. No matter the size of the job, residential or commercial, inside or outside service- we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and the job isn’t

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    Minneapolis St. Paul and Metro Area Minnesota Wedding Decor Rentals Floral and Styling

    the tangible beauty of aged european styling in patinas of stone and marbled carvings.  Signature pieces create a highly aesthetic timeless quality.

    handmade pendants created from burlap, lace,  and linen. 
    Pendants and blackboards can be custom designed and hand lettered as signage for your event.

    a  great assortment of old steamer trunks, vintage picnic baskets and coolers, vintage milk glass and vintage lighting fixtures, and an amazing collection of brass candlesticks with a great aged patina!

    Whites never go out of style, they set a timeless romantic tone
    Ivory adds a touch of vintage sensibility 

    Rustic wrought iron, Renaissance styled urns and Birch…add floral and lanterns, maybe a touch of ribbon…a breathtaking setting & intimate celebration!

    Rustic chic designs and patinas, a soft glow in a Tuscan color palate. I have an exclusive assortment of beautiful lanterns, vases, urns and candle holders and accent items!

    A stunning assortment of  mercury

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    My Heart’s Song: Mobile Home Exterior

    If you’ve followed this blog for very long, you already know that we had an unexpected move in March 2015.  That’s another story, but I will say, that our home held up great through it all, and we learned the true meaning of Mobile Home.  

    When we purchased our home in 2010, the exterior looked pretty rough, but we could see past it and knew with a few improvements, it could look almost as good as new.

    This is how our house looked on the day we purchased it.

    You can see why one of the first things out of my mouth was,

    “We have to paint the exterior”.

    Painting the Exterior

    It took ages to pick out the colors, but once we found them, we couldn’t wait to get started.  We chose the light colors because we liked them, but also knew they wouldn’t fade (or show fading) as

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    Apa Itu Interior – APRO Interior – Memiliki rumah adalah merupakan hal yang sangat diimpikan oleh banyak orang, karena dengan kita memiliki rumah maka pastinya kita punya tempat beristirahat yang nyaman, terlebih lagi jika memang kita sudah berkeluarga. Namun, tentunya ada banyak hal yang harus kita persiapkan terlebih dulu jika ternyata memang kita ingin memiliki rumah yang nyaman dan sesuai dengan keinginan kita. Desain adalah hal yang harus kita pikirkan terlebih dahulu, baik itu desain interior ataupun desain eksterior.

    Apa Itu Interior

    Untuk saat ini kita akan membicarakan interior, tentunya hal ini dikenal oleh banyak orang namun secara defini lebih luas tentu saja tidak semua orang mengetahui hal ini. Secara singkat interior sendiri merupakan ruangan atau dalam ruang, atau secara garis besar interior merupakan bagian dari dalam bangunan atau gedung. Apabila bangunan yang dimaksud adalah rumah, maka bisa juga disebut dengan interior rumah, dan hal inilah yang akan kita bahas lebih jauh.

    Desain interior, tentunya

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    Texas Decor

    So it all started with me watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. But then…I watched some of Khloe Kardashian’s organizing videos and BAM! That was it…I was hooked and there was no stopping me. Have y’all watched Khloe’s videos? Or at least the infamous Oreo stacking one? They’re gold! She’s the organizing queen! 

    I went through every single cabinet, closet and drawer in the entire house. I filled my car to the brim FOUR times with donations! I cleaned, purged, donated and organized. 

    But first, let me say a little something about organizing. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs/wants when it comes to their own home. For example, I LOVE seeing those perfectly organized pantries with all the labeled baskets, bins and jars. It looks so pretty, but…I personally need to SEE what’s in my pantry. My pantry is a place for “browsing” if you know what I mean.

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