Athi-Patra Ruga’s Interior/Exterior (Coming Soon) on Vimeo

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present Athi-Patra Ruga’s new exhibition ‘Interior/Exterior ⁄ Dramatis Persona’, a Saga in Two Parts.

As a prologue to the exhibition a series of video conversations with the artist, discussing his process, will be released online.

For ‘Interior/Exterior’ the artist has created a series of stained-glass panels. In the series, Ruga reflects on the tradition of stained-glass artistry and its theological origin as a story-telling medium. He uses the weight of this prestige as a catalyst to attain iconic status for characters extracted from his well-established pantheon, beautifying them as deities. Part 1 is an act of remembrance and memorialisation, an ongoing undertaking of the artist to reify figures erased from the historical archive and lost to public imagination, as seen in his previous exhibition ‘Queens in Exile 2014 – 2017’ and his series ‘The BEATification of Feral Benga (2017 – )’. Ruga undertakes the expansion of

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Showroom in Morristown, NJ – Monk’s Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

Monk’s Home Improvements Blog

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Modern Interior Design, architectural lighting design by Brukoff Design Associates

contemporay modern interior design experts

Best of Sausalito Interior Designer Award Best of Sausalito Interior Designer Award

Design Associates

has been selected as one of the top California Interior
Designers by Edie Cohen, West Coast Editor of Interior

Our services include Contemporary
and Modern Interior Design
for single family residences,
apartments, condominiums and lofts. We specialize in Architectural
Lighting Design
for new construction and remodeling.
Having designed furniture for various modern furniture
manufacturers, we have a full understanding of and capability
for creating
custom furniture design to
fit our clients needs.

Barry Brukoff has
evolved a method of designing interiors based on an experiential
as well as an aesthetic approach. Brukoff’s interiors are
not trendy or stylistic. His designs have a timeless quality. “We
design by imagining the experience of moving through a
space, seeing how the light will enter, exploring what
the response of the client will be”.  This is
modern interior design that will stand the test of time.


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20+ Thrift Store Home Decor Essentials that LOOK Expensive

In today’s post I’m sharing my top 20 thrift store home decorating “must-haves” that I rarely pass up! I’ve also included photos and links to all of my rooms, giving you even more decorating ideas. (I didn’t realize how many thrifted items I use until I created this post!)

20+ Thrift Store Home Decorating Ideas

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A few basic thrift store staples can help you create simple-yet-beautiful vignettes for a curated and collected look in your home — for much less! Simpler vignettes call for a bit of character. We are going for a casual-elegant look in our current house and we are still figuring things out. I love to mix old with new items but still enjoy an uncluttered look with a few elegant conversation pieces mixed in.

Kidney Shaped Desk Makeover Center Drawer Up close Reveal copy

#1: Old Books

Old books win as my #1 go-to thrifted home decorating staple. Many hardback

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Interior Ministry introduces new COVID-19 measures for Ramadan


Interior Ministry introduces new COVID-19 measures for Ramadan

Turkey’s Interior Ministry issued a circular on April 22 on measures that will be taken against the novel coronavirus during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

According to the circular, crowded events and tents where people would usually convene for iftar or to break their fast will not be allowed. The ministry said all necessary precautions will be taken during iftar and sahur – the meal before starting the fast at dawn – to maintain social distancing outdoors.

The temporary closure of streets that may be crowded during iftar and sahur times will be evaluated within the scope of the measures. Visits to holy shrines will be also restricted.

The municipalities will also coordinate the increase in the number of vehicles and trips via public transportation at least three hours before iftar, considering the traffic density. The selling time of pide, a traditional round and flat bread generally consumed

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Exterior Spring Cleaning | LoveToKnow

Check gutters in the spring.

Many people look forward to spring to refresh their homes after the winter doldrums, and exterior spring cleaning can be productive and renewing. By adding outdoor chores to your cleaning checklist, not only do you get a cleaner home, but you can enjoy the first breath of fresh spring air.

Why Clean Outdoors

If you dread the thought of spring cleaning, you may wonder why you should bother to clean the exterior of your home as well. While the aesthetic benefits of a clean home are a matter of personal preference, there are other reasons to consider.

First and foremost, your home is a reflection of your personality. By taking care of it and making it fresh and presentable after accumulating months of winter grime, you make a better impression on neighbors and guests. If you plan outdoor activities in the spring and

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