Day: April 17, 2020

Exterior Work Wraps on COOKFOX’s One South First in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Work is wrapping up on the exterior of One South First, aka Ten Grand Street, a 435-foot-tall mixed-use building in Williamsburg‘s Domino Park development. Formally addressed as 260 Kent Avenue, the structure rises 45 stories on the northern end of the six-acre waterfront master plan and is part of the revitalization of the Domino Sugar factory site. The project includes 330 rentals, 66 affordable units, 150,000 square feet of office space that spans 22 floors, and 13,000 square feet of designated ground-floor retail space. COOKFOX is the architect and Two Trees is the developer of the two-legged tower.

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First, photo by Michael Young

One South First,

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Exterior Flush & Ceiling Mount Light Fixtures

Regal Outdoor Flush-Mount Ceiling Light (item #RS-03HK-1713BG)

Regal Outdoor Flush-Mount Ceiling Light

The Regal flush mount greets you with grand, old-world style. Stamped details are highlighted by a black granite finish, while clear seedy watery glass creates a romantic glow. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant cast aluminum, it is perfect for your patio or porch.


Hillcrest Flush Mount Ceiling Light in Imperial Bronze (item #RS-03QZ-HC1612IB)

Hillcrest Flush Mount Ceiling Light in Imperial Bronze

Bold and geometric, with a hint of Asian influence, the Hillcrest collection recalls the dynamic lighting designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. With its distressed bronze patina and opaque linen glass, this classic Prairie School ceiling fixture has an authentic aged look. What a warm and welcoming accent to your entry!


Berkeley Flush Mount Ceiling Light In Bronze Finish (item #RS-03AC-BCM-12X)

Berkeley Flush Mount Ceiling Light In Bronze Finish


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What Type Of Bathroom Sink Style is Best Suited to Your Needs and HomeBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

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bathroom sink style

The sink is quite possibly the part of a bathroom that we use the most. Naturally, you’ll find a variety of sink options available for every type of bathroom style. While certain sinks may work better in a powder room, others are ideal for a family bathroom. Some become the focal point of the bathroom, while others blend seamlessly with an existing look. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom redesign or not, choosing the right sink is key. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular bathroom sink style designs to help you make your purchase.

Top-Mount Sink

Polaris Sinks Bronze Sinks Topmount / 23" x 19" x 6.25" / Bronze / P269

Polaris Sinks Bronze Sinks Topmount / 23″ x 19″ x 6.25″ / Bronze / P269

bathroom sink style

Image via Flickr by Kelly-Brian

Top-mount sinks are the most common type of bathroom sinks available. Also known as a self-rimming or drop-in sink, this sink style sits on top of

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9 Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Your home’s landscaping says a lot about it. The better its condition, the more curb appeal your home is apt to have, and that’s important from a resale perspective. But believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your home’s exterior. Here are a few cheap landscaping ideas that are sure to attract buyers or make your home a nicer place to live.

  1. Add flower bed borders.
  2. Encase your trees in mulch.
  3. Turn tree stumps into floral displays.
  4. Choose ground cover over sod.
  5. Plant shrubs and bushes strategically.
  6. Build a low-cost retaining wall.
  7. Use pavers to create contrast.
  8. Create gravel walkways.
  9. Install a fire pit.

1. Add flower bed borders

If the outside of your home needs a little color, a flower bed border is a great way to make that happen.

  1. First, outline a small area right up against your home to enclose.
  2. Then,
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The houseplants that are thriving in my bathroom jungle

Through trial and error, these are the indoor plants that have taken well to living in my bathroom.

A few years ago I wrote about the “shower plants” that are well-suited for life in a lavatory. The collection of plants I suggested were some of the usual suspects, and they are all great choices. But I tend to move my plants around the house, and over time my group of bathroom plants has evolved. The current family has nine different types of plants in 11 pots – the jungle is growing!

bathroom jungle plants© Melissa Breyer

Here is the roster, roughly left to right in the photo above:

  • Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Superba)
  • Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Robusta)
  • ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
  • Green hoya (Hoya carnosa)
  • Philodendron hope selloum (Philodendron bipinnatifidum)
  • Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema)

bathroom jungle plants© Melissa Breyer

And then there’s the sweet spot; on top of the wall that surrounds

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How to Get A 3 Star Town Rating – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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How to Unlock Island Evals[edit]

In order to get this feature in Resident Services, you’ll need to do a lot of groundwork to build out your island, including the following:

Once you’ve done everything above talk to Tom Nook (this could take a few days but) eventually he will tell you to talk to Isabelle who has a number of suggestions for ways to improve your town’s quality, and all of them need to be addressed in some way.


Invite More Villagers to Your Town[edit]

7 Villagers or more ✓[edit]

Not everyone wants to visit a deserted island – and so Isabelle will give you feedback indicating the population may need to be bigger in order to get a more favorable rating.

At the time the Campground is completed, your town should have

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Beautiful Black and White Kitchen Designs

Timeless, bold, and versatile – black and white kitchens have always rocked the designer boat!

Isn’t it just amazing to see how two simple colours can instantly create a space that is both smart and dramatic? A dual-toned kitchen always makes a strong impression and allows you to play with elements whether it’s the cabinets or countertops. The black and white kitchen remains a classic and will never go out-of-style making it an excellent choice for those who aren’t keen on changing the look of their kitchen frequently. From glamorous to minimal to traditional, here are some gorgeous black and white kitchens that will inspire you for a makeover!

Introduce Nature For A Beezy Look

Technically speaking, it only takes two colours to create a colour scheme. You do not need to introduce any other colours especially if the palette is black and white. But if you do wish to

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12 Top Trends in Basement Design for 2020 | Home Remodeling Contractors

[Plus a Bonus8].

Trend #3. Enclosed Theater Rooms vs. Open TV Spaces

Top Trends in Basement Design - Sebring Services

When it comes to designing a basement media room, homeowners have two options; an enclosed theater room or an open TV space. A theater room is generally for the real enthusiast.  They want all the adornments that would enhance the experience: enclosed walls, plush reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound, LED floor lighting and maybe even a popcorn machine.  An open TV space is more casual and much more cost effective to set up. It actually feels more like a living room because it resembles a typical living room with media equipment added.

The traditional theater room has been the dream for most homeowners. But considering the cost and stress of setting one up and the increasing appeal of open concept design, 2019 will see more homeowners opting for open TV spaces.

They could even be integrated

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Thrift Store Decor Junky

Hi Everyone!

One of the excuses I have for not blogging for so long, is that we bought a brand new house in September 2013. We have been moving in and getting settled for 4 months now. With my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc., we have had a lot of interruptions, but we are slowly getting there..


Today I want to show off our DIY outdoor kitchen and the awesome light Hubby made to go with it.


We bought , shall we call it a shell for lack of a better word, for the counter area. Craigslist. It is made out of polystyrene, covered with cement,  hollow inside, and looked like this;



We could cut openings  where we wanted them, and put on a finish we liked.

So, my husband and one of his friends ,Lou, cut two squares in front, for cupboard doors,  and a square on the

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