Day: April 16, 2020

Exterior Wall Headers | JLC Online

When our company began building high-performance homes regularly in the late 1980s, we looked for ways to use as little wood in exterior walls as possible while still maintaining a strong frame. Until then, we framed headers for window and door openings like most framers in our area—a double 2×12 with a 1/2-inch plywood spacer for a 2×4 wall. With the header installed directly below the double 2×4 top plate on an 8-foot-high wall, the bottom of the header put the finished window head jamb at about 6 feet 10 inches off the finished floor.

Same openings—different treatments. The openings in the upright wall use a rimboard header, while the nonbearing gable end wall on the slab doesn’t need a header.
Same openings—different treatments. The openings in the upright wall use a rimboard header, while the nonbearing gable end wall on the slab doesn’t need a header.

Like a number of progressive builders, we experimented with reducing the size of the lumber and the number of plies used to build headers based on the loads they

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Bathroom Materials | Bathroom Wall Material

A clean, well-planned, and stunning bathroom is every homeowner’s goal. But creating it can be a bit of a sticky wicket.

All that water, humidity, and artificial lighting, and those tight corners make the space a real challenge. Don’t make it worse by wasting money on materials that won’t withstand the task or will need replacing when they don’t work out. Dodge bad bathroom decisions by avoiding these five things:

#1 Wallpaper

Bathroom with red wallpaper

Image: Iriana Shiyan/Shutterstock

In a high-steam area such as a bathroom, wallpaper may start to peel in a few years, according to some designers. In fact, steam is used to strip old wallpaper off walls.

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Limited kitchen essentials? Embrace zero-waste cooking at home

We are cooking more than ever. And with limited access to essentials there’s no better time than now to get on board the zero-waste cooking wagon.

With the closure of restaurants and fast food chains, people are left mostly to fend for themselves and prepare up to three meals a day every day. With spontaneous trips to the grocery stores no longer feasible or advisable, that also means fridges may be full of wilting lettuce and milk gone bad.

There’s perhaps no better time to look into zero-waste cooking than now, a philosophy aimed at reducing food waste.

Image Courtesy: Sylvie Tittel/Unsplash

Not only does zero-waste cooking save you money — particularly pertinent given the state of the global economy — but it also helps the environment. Food waste that decomposes in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 27 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

To start, San

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Man let in house to use bathroom, hops in shower, starts singing


In this Crime Wrap-Up, reporter Ted Czech highlights why drugs are bad, a failed car theft and a ‘Do Never” list, March 25, 2020.

York Daily Record

Jacob Wismiewski was let in a house to use the bathroom, but then jumped in the shower. He later ran from state troopers.

A man knocked on a random door in Peach Bottom Township in the early Saturday morning, and a kindly resident gave him permission to use the bathroom.

But Jacob Wismiewski allegedly took it a bit further and had himself a good time while getting clean, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Later that day, Wismiewski, 27, of no fixed address, allegedly went for a state trooper’s gun at York Hospital and now faces numerous charges, including aggravated assault and disarming a law enforcement officer.

But the alleged incident that kicked it all off occurred about 6:45 a.m. on Miller Road

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Spa Bathroom Ideas: What you need to turn your bathroom into a spa

CNN Underscored has interviewed experts to find the best options to help you cope during this uncertain time. Find all our coronavirus-related coverage here, and let us know your thoughts here.

Whether you’re stuck inside under self-quarantine, working from home, or a courageous essential worker, one thing this pandemic has definitely caused is a lot of stress.

There are plenty of ways to release some stress, even if you are cooped up inside. You can exercise at home, play video games, or have yourself a spa day right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

And with lots of items on the market that bring the spa experience straight to your home, that’s easier than ever. Find the right stuff and soon enough, you’ll be able to have a soothing, Zen experience in your own bathroom.

To help you get that pampered feeling anywhere, we’ve rounded up a

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DIY Vintage French Decor Ideas

Friend, today is Trash to Treasure Tuesday again with some of my best blogging buddies – and I’m delighted to share my project and also their thrifty makeovers at the bottom of this post.

For this month’s T2T project, I dug this old thrifted artwork out of the garage.  I’ll show you how to repurpose old wall art and upcycle the frame and glass into DIY vintage French decor – along with some more fabulous French project ideas below.

Thrifted repurposed wall art to glamorous DIY vintage French decor - Upcycled decor and furniture makeover ideas by Girl in the Garage

For this project I used supplies that I already have at home, but I’ll include some links in case you want to order similar items online. (P.S. There’s also a short helpful video of this project included for your convenience.)


This post contains some affiliate links so you can easily find the products I use and recommend.  Discover all my favorite brands and tools for doing DIY makeovers here.

Deconstruct the

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What is Interior Design? : About : IIDA

The profession of Interior Design is relatively new, constantly evolving, and often confusing to the public. NCIDQ, the board for Interior Design qualifications, defines the profession in the best way: The Professional Interior Designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.  Read the full definition from NCIDQ.

Designers Defining Themselves

Throughout the process – the journey – of the creative process, designers are constantly defining themselves and redefining their work. We’ve culled a few observations from our Members, friends and Board Members. We hope it provides a glimmer of inspiration for you in your work and your life.

“Good design combines usefulness with at least one of the following: beauty, comfort, efficiency, economy, or durability.”

-Michael Maurer, Principal, The Gettys Group, Chicago

“Design is everywhere…It touches and affects everyone. Design is human-centered.”

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La Publicidad Exterior –

  1. La
  2. La Publicidad
  3. Historia de la Publicidad
  4. Publicidad fuera del Hogar
  5. Ventajas de la Publicidad
  6. Desventajas de la Publicidad
  7. ¿Cómo se
    evalúa la Publicidad Exterior?
  8. La Imagen Ganada de los
  9. Plan de Publicidad
  10. Formas de Publicidad
  11. Creatividad para la Publicidad
  12. Tipos de Publicidad
  13. Diseño de los
  14. Pasos para Diseñar


Sabemos que la la Publicidad, se refiere a cualquier
anuncio destinado al público, que cuyo principal objetivo es
promover la venta de bienes y
servicios y su
principal función es
la de familiarizar al consumidor
potencial con; el producto o
servicio, su
denominación, el productor, las ventajas y beneficios de
la compra, así como informarle de los puntos de venta
existentes para su adquisición.

Es en este sentido, que a través de la publicidad
que se dan a conocer nuevos productos y
servicios, mejoras a los

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19+ Beautiful Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Decoration

Well, we all have dreamt of our own customized house and we often ignore decorating the most vital part of the house, the kitchen. The kitchen is one of our favorite places in the house where we get to eat tasty, delicious food dishes. We should decorate it in the best manner possible and must not keep it plain and simple. Kitchen walls are one of the components that we can easily decorate and enhance the look and beauty of the kitchen with it. We have brought today some good ideas for kitchen wall decor ideas that you must have a look at and select the ones that you liked the most.

Let us check out these kitchen wall decor now. 

1. Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

kitchen wall decor ideas


As soon as you enter the kitchen, imagine your eyes getting stuck to the most important word: “EAT”. This technique makes

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10 Interior Design Trends for 2020

It may be time to update your decor.

A marble beige painting and a sunburst golden mirror on a gray wall with molding in a stylish living room interior with a velvet, powder pink sofa and retro furniture

(Getty Images)

You may not be moving into a new house in 2020, but you can make your home feel new again by taking stock of each room and updating the design. You may want to make your living room more functional by finding a better furniture layout, brighten up a guest bedroom with new paint or go big with a full renovation of your kitchen for a more modern style. To make any design changes a success, however, you’ll want to know what styles will become more popular in 2020 and what fads are on their way out. Here are 10 interior design trends to consider in 2020.

Updated on Dec. 6, 2019: This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated with new information.

Zen dens break up floor plans.

Zen dens break up floor plans.

Hygge, Zuhause, Entspannung, Muenchen, Bayern, Deutschland


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