hvac – What is the purpose of a bathroom fan filter? What is the risk of not using a filter?

Our bathroom fan filter was worn out and very dirty with cigarette smoke from the previous tenant¹, so we removed it. We could replace it, but why does a bathroom fan need a filter in the first place? What harm would be done if we continue using our bathroom fan without a filter?

The bathroom is a windowless room on the inside of an apartment in a 1990s apartment block in Germany with 12 units in the building in total. I suspect the ducts lead to a shared pipe system through which the air goes outside. The fan is a maico, but I don’t know the exact model.

I found some discussion in German on focus, urbia, and vermieter-forum, but no clear conclusion, nor does this English language usenet discussion. DIY stores do not appear to have bathroom fan filters widely available, although they do exist for sale, for example

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Five Front Door Decor Ideas You Should Consider in 2020

color yellow

Your front door is the first point of contact with your home. Instead of just being a barrier, protecting you from intruders, you can give it a touch of personality. Make it part of your exterior décor. This year ditch that wreath you’ve hanged on it for years and get creative with these front door decor ideas.

Flowers have sentimental value. The thought of placing a bouquet on your door speaks volume to your guests. Twist the traditional practice of using a bucket to using a watering can, rain boots or umbrella. Put your flowers in either of these materials, secure beautifully with a ribbon and hang it on your door.

door decor ideas

A chalkboard sign on your front door is a perfect way to communicate your thoughts to your guests. Using chalkboard paint you can write a welcome note, a warming quote or a joke to lighten up the mood of

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Shaggy Recommends Bangin’ on the Bathroom Floor While Quarantined During Coronavirus

Here are a few things I didn’t know about Shaggy, the chart-topping Jamaican reggae-ish singer behind hits like “It Wasn’t Me,” “Angel,” and “Boombastic,” prior to prepping for our interview: He served in the Marines, achieving the rank of lance corporal, and fought in the Persian Gulf; he honed his singing voice during his Jarhead years; he is not named after the stoner Scooby-Doo character; and he’s a happily married man with three daughters.

He’s also very, very funny—although that part I was aware of, having been subjected to his smash tune “It Wasn’t Me” (and butchering it at karaoke) on a number of occasions. Which brings us to the occasion of our chat: the 20th anniversary of the so-called cheating anthem, released on July 8, 2000.

You’re probably aware of the premise. Rikrok, in a last-ditch effort, phones Shaggy for advice on what to do after his girlfriend

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The #1 Thing You Should Never do in a Public Bathroom

I am always leery when I use public toilets. What is lurking on the seat, under the seat, and in the bowl? All those people in and out tracking bacteria all over the place make me cringe. This is even more so now with everything that is going on in the world. Read on to discover the number one thing you should never do in a public bathroom…especially right now!

One organization did a real-life study on the number of bacteria in a public bathroom. They swabbed the bathroom after a full days’ use, and to my surprise, they found that the toilet (although it had plenty of germs present) was not the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. Swabs from the sink revealed 50,000 bacteria on and around the sink. Gross right?

My fascination with public toilet bacteria was heightened even more when I came across an article on Fox

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The Skura Style Sponge Is The Only Sponge The BA Test Kitchen Uses

I take cleaning very seriously. As Test Kitchen manager, it’s part of the job, but it’s also my personal passion (I’m such a clean freak, I’ll wipe down a stove while it’s still hot). So, believe me when I tell you that Skura Style makes the absolute best sponges out there.

We go through sponges way quicker than people normally do at home. Sure we use them a lot more, but it’s also because our windows don’t open, which means we have no fresh air coming through the kitchen. Our sponges absorb EVERYTHING going on in the room. If you leave a regular old sponge sitting out over the weekend here, it’ll be dry, crinkly, and smell like sh*t by Monday. We have to throw them out every week. (Trust me, I’ve tried salvaging them by soaking them in Clorox bleach, boiling them, or putting them in the microwave. It

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What Is Art Deco Style? How To Put This Timeless Decor in Your Home

Much like other mysteriously named decor movements, art deco is one of those styles you hear about again and again—without ever catching exactly what it means.

The art deco design revolution of the 1920s and 1930s symbolized the optimism and rapid change of the industrial age—with an emphasis on clean lines, dramatic shapes, and colorful, ornate surfaces. Think of the swooping curves of classic cars, old-school diners, and the brightly hued buildings along Miami Beach—that’s art deco.

Key features of an art deco home

  • Cubic and other geometric forms

  • Smooth wall surfaces, usually made of stucco
  • Flat roofs

  • Zigzags, chevrons, and other stylized, geometric motifs on facades

  • Highly stylized doorways with metal trim

  • Towers and other vertical projections above the roofline

  • Bands of color

  • Rounded corners

  • Strong sense of line

  • Illusion of pillars

  • Round mirrors

  • Built-in shelves and seating

  • Glass-block walls

Art deco influences

Although the art deco style looked

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Interior Designing Courses in Lahore – 3d max

Interior Designing Courses in Lahore

In any case, to be a brilliant designer one ought to have a few abilities that might be inborn or can be gained. Baabroz is the best interior designing institute providing interior designing courses in Lahore for a creative approach to verbal communication of materials, colors, furniture, lighting, and incorporation of technological components. This interior design course will be an inexorably received professional choice for inventive applicants who have a feeling of structure and stylistic layout. Interior design is comparative to Baabroz other short courses graphic design courses, 3d max course and AutoCAD course in Lahore. There are three principal regions of enthusiasm for interior design.

  • House decoration
  • Residential design
  • Commercial design

Interior Design Course Outline:

The course is completed under following content titled as:

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Design Styles
  • Space Planning with Autocad
  • Color and Lighting with 3d Max
  • Interior Finishes with Photoshop
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